Wednesday, July 16, 2008

FHOTD: The Index (May - August 2007)

I haven't done this in a long time, but I know it's helpful and particularly to you noobs who e-mail me to beg that I address X subject, which I know I addressed a year ago. :-) So here you go - I've started the FHOTD index of posts, sorted by subject matter! I'll continue this at a later date and hopefully we'll get the whole thing done at some point.

Auction Reports

Florida, August 2007

Arkansas, August 2007

August 2007, I didn't write down where it was from

Bad Parents du Jour

Let's sit on the ground with our Gypsy Vanner!

It's a stallion, not a set of monkey bars!

It's a baby...on a horse?




Good mare, bad mare!

The Idaho Train Wreck, Part One

Foundation but not fugly!


Good mare, bad mare!

Great Big Hairy Feathered Beasts

Friesian Crosses

Baby Feathered Beast

And you can buy 3/4ths of it unborn

Minis - Ya know, it's almost tooooo easy

Angry Mini Breeder on the Loose!

What, you mean over a third of the foals dying isn't normal?

Angry Mini on the Loose!

Mustang Breeders

Breeding mustangs

We need these why?

Come and Get Your Free Mustangs!

Quarter Horses

Fugly Foundation Horses and People Who Can't Ride Equitation

Silly Bullshit Made-Up Breeds

German Riding Pony?

Spanish Jennet Tigers and Lions and Bears, oh my!

You have GOT to be kidding...

The American Warmblood Society!

Shetland Ponies

The good and the blech


Good mare, bad mare!

Not everything is Secretariat


Conformation v. Condition

Back issues

What $1000 Will Buy You - Good and Bad

What $10,000 Will Buy You - Good and Bad

Conformational Horrors I Have Owned

Pigeon Toes

Pics of my own fuglies!

Conformation 101

Toeing Out!

Comparison: Two Thoroughbred Mares

Cringeworthy Craigslist

Lame f'ed up grade - would make a good broodmare!

It's lame and f'ed up so BREED IT BREED IT BREED IT!

Take her or I throw her to the tigers!

Yep, another Kevin Federline of the horse world!

Free old horse for pet or meat

Feed Your Damn Horses!

Starving Akhal-Teke

Starving Horses in Malaysia

Halter Horses Gone Bad

It's an okapi!

Surprised it can walk around its stall with those legs

Hay, Hay, Hay!

How to find hay

Health and Genetic Defects


HYPP - Good filly, time bomb filly

Morons Who Breed Their 2 Year Old Fillies


HYPP - The Video!

Fat horse, skinny horse, just-right horse!

Highly Questionable Rescues

Making more rescues, are we?

What Makes a Real Rescue

Illiterate people making crappy horses

Hooked on Phonics!

Just, WTF?

Buy a lot and get a horse FREE!

My horse is worth WHAT?

Horse Porn on Youtube

Get off your dead ass and fix your fence!


Spotted fuglies and a bad parent du jour

Obese Cob at Stud (chocolate palominos)

Palominos, the good and the bad!

Sabino Thoroughbreds

The Dr. Seuss post (pictures are missing, don't know why)

Hideozygous Perlino!

The Spotted Snow Yak - I know you guys loooove her!

Might be the fugliest Paint ever on this blog

Fugly Cremello Sport Horses R Us!

Good Paint, Bad Paint, WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT Paint

Oooooogly Headed Cremello Stallion

Hideous Sport Horses of Color

Angry e-mail from Krazy Kolored Sport Horse Breeder!

I Make Warm-Bloods (she really was one of the FUNNIEST ever!)

Cremellos, the good and the bad!

Mares that Should be Riding Horses ONLY

First post ever!

Fugly momma, fugly baby

Wry nose, fugly broodmare

Producing more grade fuglies than McDonalds has customers

Blind DSLD draft cross mare staked out in field, pregnant

Miscellaneous Stuff and Discussions

Reason v. Emotion - or how to love your horse and admit it's fugly

The copyright question

Lots of horses, not lots of trainers

Person pretending to be me - I'm famous, I have imitators! LOL!

Where are all the horse trainers?

Hillbilly Farms - I love these guys!

Straight from the horse killer's mouth


Other People's Snarky Shit

A vet's observations on bad breeding!

Reader comments on FHOTD

Really Skeery Riding

Skeery jumping on horse dealer's site

Horses who wish to upgrade their riders

Really Skeery Training

How Not to Raise an Orphaned Foal

Free jumping babies - um, not a good idea

Wacky Natural Horsemanship (includes foal jumping!)

Stallions that Should be Geldings

Lop off their balls already!

Back at the knees and the Dun Yak

But the VET says he's a stallion prospect!

Stunted fugly stock horse

Theatrical Asshattery

It's a horse, not a lawn chair!

Who Bred This?

Thank God they're riding horses!

Hideous Young Stock

Barn blind as a bat!

Missing Parts

Got a million, dumpin' em cheap!

Scary crooked legged rescued filly