Saturday, July 12, 2008

OK, who bred all of these $15 and $20 yearlings?

An auction report sent in by a reader from Iowa. Read it and weep, everybody. WHO BRED all of these crappy young horses who sold for $20 and $30? You should be phenomenally ashamed of yourself. My only consolation is that, at that price, you lost money. That didn't cover the auction fee. FYI, I was just told last weekend meat is up - to 36 cents a pound. That puts all of the $350 and under horses, roughly, in danger. I will give kudos to the people who no saled and took the horses home to give them another chance. All pictures here.

Small Local Sale Barn in Eastern Iowa. There was a total of 35 horses (actually 37, because two were sold as packages) that were there and 27(29)that sold for a total of $5285. That averages about $196 per horse...not too good. Here is what was there. The hip numbers are different than my if you look at the pics, look for the number noted on the picture, not the hip number. There are 3 regular "traders" that bring horses to the sale barn I tried to note their horses with a (T). Unless it was young and untrained, I wouldn't buy from any of them - jmo.

#1(T) - 12 year old grade sorrel gelding - "broke for anyone", he was tall and lanky, but toed in in the front. $400 sold

#2(T) - 5 yr old bay roan mare - grade - ridden in - little thin. Bid to $375 - no sale needed $500

#3(T) - 9 or 10 yr old chestnut pony gelding. He was cute! Broke to ride and drive - had spent time with the amish, direct reined only. Bid to $350 - no sale

#4 - 11 yr old palomino AQHA mare with papers. Said she had been broke to ride at one time, but had been just a broodmare for quite some time. They led her in, she was open and needed hoof care. Bid to $375 - no sale

#5 - 3 yr old pinto mini mare, broke to drive - anyone could drive her but they led her in. $65 sold

#6(T) - 2 yr old AQHA blue roan gelding - Sonny Dee Bar on his papers. They rode him in in a halter and lead rope bareback, said it was only the second time he'd been sat on(I call BS). He was cute headed, long backed and quiet. $500 sold

#7(T) - 6 yr old Grade QH bay roan gelding. He was thin and lame but they rode him in. $200 sold

#8(T) - 7 yr old Haflinger gelding. FAT & CUTE! Rode well, supposed to be broke to drive too. Not registered. $775 (high seller of the night)

#9 - yearling bay AQHA stud colt....FUGLY and SO cowhocked, thin. Leaguer & Barpasser lines on papers. $30 sold (with papers folks)

#10(T) - 5 yr old POA gelding. Had been shown, didn't like to be ridden double or spurs, but rode quiet single without spurs. CUTE. No papers. Bid to $350 no sale

#11 - weanling mini filly, they called her palomino, she was really going to be chestnut. Drug her around the arena by her halter and a rope looped under and around her tail...poor thing. She was so fugly she was cute. $90 sold

#12 - 19 yr old TWH chestnut mare. No papers(but he had them and if you wanted them after you bought her you could talk to him about getting them - for a fee I am sure) She was broke to ride as a 4 yr old but he led her in saying she hadn't been ridden since. She was in good flesh and shiney. $190 sold.

#13 - 2 yr old bay BS Paint filly. She had Impressive lines, and had not been tested. Had papers. She had been shown as a weanling, won money in futurity, and earned some points?? She was a drop off. $175 sold (trader bought her)

#14 - yearling buckskin BS Paint filly with papers. FUGLY and THIN. $35 sold . (FHOTD in: Pictured. But you know, the world is still full of dumb fucks who think anything colored will sell. Yeah, for $35 to kill. )

#15(T) - 8 yr old chestnut TWH gelding, no papers. Ridden in - hot but gaited well. $335

#16 - 5 yr old chestnut half arab mare with papers. Broke to ride, cute. Bid to $300 no sale.

#17 - 9 yr old chestnut AQHA mare with papers. Continental, Triple Chick, Winchester lines. Led in, moved funny in the hind, supposed to be broke to drive and had spent time with the amish. $275 sold

#18 - Black yearling BS paint stud colt with papers. FUGLY and THIN. $15 sold.....they begged for a bid.

#19 - Yearling paint stud colt. Had color, but NO papers. THIN THIN and FUGLY. $20

#20(T) - grade chestnut gelding first they said he was 15 then they said he was 12. Who KNOWS. Did neck rein well, was HOT and didn't stand still at all. Supposed to be a good roping horse, but they didn't throw a rope off of him. Bid to $250 no sale

#21(T) - grade crossbred chestnut gelding(didn't give age, did give cross - I would guess late teens, QH/ Belgian cross) He had a huge head but was quiet and slow and sound. $675 sold

#22 - 14 yr old hackney mare(cob tail). She was so thin, needed hoof care immediately, and was fugly on top of it. I felt bad for her (we have a hackney mare so I have a soft spot). She was supposedly broke to ride and drive and had been a 4 H project but they led her in. $25 sold

#23 - 3 yr old jenny donkey black. Had been used to halter break colts. She was halter broke and quiet. Bid to $45 no sale he needed $90.

#24(T) - 6 yr old sorrel pony mare. Broke to ride and drive. $325 sold.

#25(T) - 4 yr old gray grade mare - QH type - she was quiet. NOT broke but "family gentle" - his words. She would have been a great project, she was cute and not badly put together. $200 sold

#26 - 5 yr old paint jenny donkey - she had some horrible skin condition on her nose poor thing. According to her owner he knew she was bred becasue "he had seen the colt move". OK..... She was not halter broke, they chased her in and out. $45 sold

#27 - 11 yr old registered Paint mare. Bay with a belly spot. She was LAME! In good flesh, and ridden in - which she shouldn't have been. $300 sold

#28 - 3 yr old bay unbroke grade gelding. He really wasn't even halter broke but they "led" him in. $175 sold

#29 - 8 yr old pinto pony mare with a mule foal at her side. The foal was DARLING and the pony wasn't too bad either. The guy bought the pony for his kids at a different sale the beginning of June, didn't know the pony was bred, and the next day he went out to find the mule foal by her side. His kids can't ride her with a foal, so he got them another pony and brought these two in. Pony was broke to ride, they couldn't touch her foal. Sold as a package for $200.

#30 - 3 yr old paint gelding - no papers, "real good green broke" was the description the owner gave. He had a cut on his hind leg and was lame on it. Bid to $125 no saled he needed at least $300.

#31 - 5 yr old larger bay grade pony mare (fugly) and her 2 yr old stud colt beside her(fuglier) who's sire was a saddlebred. They rode the mare bareback with a halter and lead but didn't touch the colt. Sold as a package for $100.

#32 - 12 yr old half arab chestnut mare. Rode ok, couldn't get a bid on her.

#33, 34 & 35 were yearling and 2 yr old stud colts they ran in together. No halters. They were thin, but not bad, well except for the paint.

#33 - yearling AQHA stud colt, bay. Papers had Poco Bueno and Mr Joe Glo on them. He was the bargain of the night IMO. He was cute headed and not badly put together. Sold with papers for $70.

#34 - yearling BS Paint stud colt, bay. Not as nice as the QH but not horrible. Docalena on his papers. Sold with papers for $40.

#35 - 2 yr old paint stud colt, nasty injury to his hind leg, and he was lame on it. He was thin and he was fugly and I felt so sorry for him. He had Blue Max on his papers. He sold with papers for $20, to a gal who felt sorrier for him than me to "just give him a home". (PICTURED)

That's all folks. If you come to IA you can get some bargains at the sale barns. I went for hay, paid $3.20 a bale for first cutting alfalfa grass mix in about 50 to 75 lb bales. Took what they had - 38 bales. Bigger bales of wheat straw sold for $2.50 a bale. A Billy Cook saddle sold for $350 - used but good shape, A Circle Y saddle sold for $435 used in good shape with silver on it. A complete english package saddle, breast collar, pad, irons and leathers, martingale and bridle with snaffle bit sold for $90. Yup, the sale is always interesting to say the least.

FHOTD back in: And it continues, endlessly. I just met a guy the other day who was ALL EXCITED that he'd bred his Arabian stallion to two mares and made $1500. This guy does not even know the stallion's registered name, nor does he have the papers in his possession. Why is he so stupid and why are the mares' owners so stupid? AAAAAARRRRRRRGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH. I just want some kind of government order to confiscate all of their horses and make it stop!