Tuesday, July 8, 2008

If ignorance is your excuse, please stick to Breyer horses!

I was asked to post this by a reader, who intervened when the knuckle-dragging owners were just going to shoot this old mare. She took her in and gave her a few days of proper food and love before she was euthanized yesterday morning, thanks to a generous contribution by Second Chance Ranch. SCR is definitely one of my recommended rescues, and donations in Ruby's name would be greatly appreciated.

I am sure I don't need to share my feelings on the people who let her get into this condition. Ruby deserved better. I'm glad we were able to help end her suffering, but where is the suffering for the owners who failed to get even basic vet care for this girl, or feed her properly?

To all fugly readers:

I want to personally thank Cathy and Second Chance Ranch for their awesome support for this poor old queen who needed a peaceful end. She had a very peaceful and dignified death thanks to you! I want to also thank Dr Dave Sauter of Kulshan Veterinary Hospital for taking the time to stroke her and talk her through it, telling her she wasn't alone and it was ok to go. For his comfort and his kind heart. You have a very loving heart, and I think you're the best Doc! Thank you for reassuring me that the decision to let Ruby go was the right one for so many reasons.

And thank you to Ruby for gracing my farm for the two days you were here. Ruby, you make me want to fight more for others like you. In your own way you gave me hope that there are indeed more alternatives than dumping old beauties like you at auction just because your owners were through with you. And thank you for your sweet nuzzles on my hand...you had the best lips ever. I for one, won't forget you old girl. RIP.