Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I love my hate mail!

Don't get me wrong, I love all the nice fan mail I get too...but you positive folks simply cannot match the level of humor provided by the people who don't like me!

Today's offering, from

"For your information I did not bred this horse keep to your own business. I'm an attorney so keep it up and see what happens because I have already reported you.

Have a Nice Day!!"

Why, S. Seidel, whoever you are, and your e-mail has given me no clue, I am having a nice day. It's even nicer since I had my morning giggle thanks to your ludicrous e-mail!

1. You would think that at some point in the 17 years of education you'd have to acquire prior to entering law school that someone would have taught you the difference between "bred" and "breed."

2. As I always, sadly, have to point out to you people - this blog would not be possible if I minded my own business. Not minding my own business, and commenting on other people's practices and poor breeding decisions, is the purpose of the blog. Perhaps this is confusing to you?

3. I hope you are an attorney. If so, bring it on! I would love to do battle with someone of your intellectual capacity in court. That would be way fun.

4. Who have you reported me to? Miss Manners? I am dying to know. Kindly elaborate.

I still have no idea which horse was S. Seidel's but, really, who cares? The e-mail is funny enough even without knowing!