Wednesday, July 30, 2008


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Now, I have no actual proof that these were posted by the same person, but I'd sure be willing to bet $50 on it. They were posted right in a row and they all have the same cartoons in them, and there's the repetition of the "hope/hop to hear from someone soon" phrase. Yup. My money says same chick!

First, she wants a free horse trailer. Then she wants to rent pastures. Then she wants a really good horse that does "trail ridding."

I am glad to read that you have a job, sunshine. Now get a second job and that way you can save up money for a horse trailer. And stop trying to start a rescue until you know how you are going to finance such a thing. Hint: If you can't afford a horse trailer, you can't afford to rescue!

Every time I see someone begging for stuff to start a rescue, I want to inform them that rescuing costs a lot of money and if you don't have much to begin with, YOU CANNOT START A RESCUE. You CAN volunteer for an already existing rescue, which is what you should do. But none of you seem to want to do that...hmmm, go figure.