Thursday, July 31, 2008

And the knee bone's connected to the...WTF?

Please do not contact the seller. Someone is working on getting this mare rescued.

(Click on the image to see it larger)

Doesn't it just seem like we're running a special on stupid this week? Here we have a $150 solid APHA mare. She's got "a crooked hock bone on her left front leg (say WHAT?)and so cannot be ridden very much and cannot walk in circles." In fact, she is SO f'ed up that "She also will need to be stalled and have a small pasture area." And then you suggest she be used for BREEDING! Are you completely out of your gourd?

You know, if you're gonna sell your totally crippled, six year old mare for $150 including 60 bales of hay, why don't you just call the kill buyer direct and not piss off the rest of us posting this on the Internet? He will be thrilled to get the 60 bales of hay. This deal is a real money-maker for him because you're too much of a spineless twit to do the right thing and euth this poor mare!

Let me guess, you loooove her and just want her to have a good home and that's why you posted...and I am a horrible person for suggesting euthanasia, right?

*head explodes*