Saturday, July 19, 2008

Look kids, the circus is in town!

Nope, it's just an Andalusian show. But WTF is this? It looks like he is a lion tamer.

The video is way longer than it needs to be, and it does kind of smack of personal vendetta, but it's worth watching. You gotta see this rank piece of spotted shit that got named National Champion because this Gareth Selwood dude, who looks remarkably like an extra from a Lord of the Rings movie, is hot shit in the Andalusian world. The horse looks like it wants to kill him and I'm guessing he's given it damn good reason.

I'm so sick of people saying their horse is showing the wonderful "spirit" of its breed when it acts like this. No, your horse is showing that it's a rank piece of shit. I don't care if it's an Arab, a Saddlebred, an Andalusian, or a fire-breathing dragon, it ought to be able to trot next to you in a controlled fashion and, for the most part, stand where you set it up in a halter class. It can trot next to you with its neck arched and its tail in the air, truly it can. Of course I guess it would help if some of you guys didn't train them at home by chasing them with fire extinguishers...

Anyway, any Andalusian people here? What do you think? Are the shows that crooked? Why is this strange, troll like man such a big shot? Why hasn't he been kicked in the head by one of these pissed off horses yet? What about a horse striking at your head is supposed to be appealing?

And do you think if we mailed him a chair so that his show ring equipment would be complete, that he would get the hint?