Thursday, July 24, 2008

If only the forever homes were truly forever...

Remember when I featured Snuggles, of Saddlebred Rescue, as a Friday Featured Rescue?

They have identified him. His registered name is Hot Air. When they contacted his former owner, she was horrified to learn he had nearly gone to slaughter. She had, like so many, given him to a "forever home."

Here he is in his "glory days."
I'm not bashing on his former owner a bit when I say this, but it's a GREAT time to reiterate...THE ONLY FOREVER HOME THAT YOU KNOW IS FOREVER IS YOURS!

Before you give away or donate a horse you love and care about, ask yourself if your peace of mind isn't worth the $200 - $300 a month that retirement board would cost you.

If Saddlebred Rescue had not been there, this guy would have been a steak. Quality DOES NOT protect them, especially when they are seniors! (and at some low end auction where nobody recognizes their quality)

Think, really think about it, before you pass that old horse along. By the way, this superstar is still available for adoption. He's still very much rideable and wouldn't he look adorable doing the 13 & under classes? Contact Saddlebred Rescue for more information.