Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Dump those broodmares!

It's July, that time of year when breeders see what hasn't settled...and start dumping their old broodmares like used Kleenex. So today, let's see which breeders are dumping their old mares, instead of keeping them and giving them the retirement they richly deserve!

Let's start with K-Ron Farm of Ocala Florida. They have Blue Chip Baby, a 21 year old Thoroughbred mare, up for free. I love how all of these people request a good home. Yes, a good home - but not mine! YOU pay for the mare who popped out a herd of babies for me. You know, that Ocala, it's such a poor area, too. Surely they can't be expected to feed her and care for her for the rest of her life. But I am sure someone else wants to do it, right?

Here we have a free broodmare. Hey, she's only 25! Needless to say this was not a recent picture, as her last foal was prior to 2007. They note that she was checked in foal in 2006 and slipped. It's 2008. She's open. She is probably about as likely to have a foal as I am.

Maple Crest Arabians of Eatonville, Washington whines "I purchased two of her daughters, and had to take her to make the deal." So now of course they are trying to get rid of her. Because God forbid they just feed the poor old thing and let her have a nice retirement. I guess that would be too haaaard.

Capital Star did not get in foal this year and her owners "do not want to pay to ship her home." Lovely. In Harrodsburg, KY and allegedly rideable. Free.

Sinfonetta has allegedly produced offspring that have sold for six figures - but now she is for sale for just $500. Do you suppose the fact that she's 18 and open would have anything to do with that?

Azzia is a 21 year old Arabian mare. "Vet says no longer breedable and that's the only reason why we are selling." Well, if you can call it that - $1 on DreamHorse. You folks at Country View Equestrian Center in Monroe, Wisconsin are just great. Here's the best part - THEY TEACH LESSONS but they still won't keep this poor old mare safe. I guess finishing her under saddle is just too haaaaaard. Those 21 year olds will kick your ass, ya know.

Free broodmares with a paid breeding to any of our stallions, in Oregon! Yep, let's keep making more, more, more!

This one's awesome. Larissa thinks that "after years of doing nothing but raise babies, I think it would be unfair to ask her to work at age 24." And she's not breeding sound anymore! So she wants an EXCELLENT retirement home for her (caps hers). Everybody is dying to feed your Shire for the next ten years or so! Hey, sign me up!

Larissa, I can recommend an EXCELLENT retirement home. Here you go. All you have to do is get her there and fork over $300 a month for her care. How easy is that? That's how you make sure your old mare gets EXCELLENT care and doesn't have to be ridden. That's the ONLY way you make sure of that.

Oh look, a little googling reveals that Larissa breeds American Warmbloods, which she will sell to "first good home with reasonable offer on the table." Make me an offer! I'll even throw in my too-old-to-breed Shire mare, because someone other than me should have to pay for her care for the rest of her life now that she's not producing...

You know, if you take the time to tune up (or break!) an older mare under saddle and resell her as a riding horse because her breeding career is over or ending, I have absolutely no problem with that. In fact, I think it's great to do that while they can still have a second career. It's these folks who dump the old, lame, and unrideable bunch that drive me up a tree. In a market where you can get a young, sound, broke horse for free (you would fall over to see some of the "freebies" I've seen placed recently), these old girls don't stand much of a chance. They deserve to stay safe where they are, or at the very least be euthanized.