Thursday, July 3, 2008

Horse Ownership: NOT in the Bill of Rights!

Yes, we have another idiot, this time in Wisconsin, who somehow thinks that she should be able to have a shitload of horses on a shitheap of a property because it's her right to do so. She's been stashing 17 horses in nasty little muddy lots in Brooklyn, Wisconsin. The neighbors are horrified. Hell, the property owners are horrified. Even they want her gone.

"Loffelholz had been keeping 12 horses at a muddy paddock of less than two acres on County Hwy. D. She kept five more horses on a farm at 6191 Bellbrook Road, owned by retired farmers Adolph and Lucy Leuenberger, who complained that the horses had been neglected. In the Observer article, Lucy Leuenberger said she wanted the animals off of her property."

Loffelholz eventually got turned in by her own sister-in-law who finally had enough. "Andrea Loffelholz said she's been troubled by the horses' living conditions for the past two or three years, but when one horse got stuck in chest-deep mud and died a few weeks ago, she finally decided to act. "When I saw them basically sinking in the mud and fighting to walk through it and one getting stuck and dying, that was the end," Andrea Loffelholz said. "I was like, no, I can't turn my back anymore - enough's enough." "I think it just gave up," she said of the animal that died in the mud. "Those horses are hungry and they don't have any strength. Her horses are not happy and they're not healthy."

Of course, asshat Loffelholz doesn't think she's doing anything wrong, and has every excuse in the book. "Mary Loffelholz disputes her former sister-in-law's account of the situation and disagrees with Ashbacher's assessment. True, she said, some of the horses are thin, but she blames that on the weather."It's been muddy and I haven't been able to drive in" to provide food and water as much as she'd like to, Mary Loffelholz said. 'Some of them are thin, and we're trying to put weight on them. They look thin, but they're like people. Some are thin-boned and have a high metabolism.' "

Thin boned? WTF? By the way, Mary Sunshine, if you can't drive somewhere, you put on your mud boots and CARRY food and water in there. It's HAY, not BOULDERS.

She doesn't even have shelter for them and tries to argue that blankets are enough. I lived in Wisconsin for many years. You CANNOT get by with just blanketing in Wisconsin. They HAVE to have shelter. It is not negotiable! Typical bad horse owner desperately in need of animal control intervention...but what really fries me is the following quote from Ms. Loffelholz:

"Comfort said his agency will continue to monitor the horses' health for the next three years. "We told her we feel that 17 horses is a lot for a single mom with five kids and her resources," Comfort said. "She says, 'It's my right to have horses and I want to have horses.'"

Mary, you arrogant, insufferable bitch, it is NOT your right to own animals YOU CAN'T TAKE CARE OF. For the one millionth time, horses are an expensive hobby. They are a luxury.

There are two kinds of things that we spend money on in life: necessities and luxuries. Necessities are things like rent, tuition, health care, shampoo, and gasoline. Luxuries are things like cable TV, frappucinos, highlights at the salon and horses. The fact that you really, really want something does not make it a necessity. I really, really want this dress and probably could make a decent argument it is essential for my self-esteem, but the truth is it's a luxury I cannot afford. If I made half the salary I make, I could not afford horses, and it would not matter how much I looooved horses, I would still be limited to riding other peoples' horses.

(Oh wait, I do that anyway, because most of mine are old useless horses...LOL. I forgot, never mind...)

The Loffelholz horses have been moved to pasture, and unsurprisingly, are doing better. We all know how they will look in November. :-(

On other matters...

I had my first cutting lesson last night. Oh. My. God. It was SO MUCH FUN! It's definitely a discipline I could get into. For one thing, all the horses look great. For another, I like how you ride them - it's very laid back, loose reins, nobody's picking at them or messing with them - it's a style of riding I think the horses like. They seem to be trained like polo ponies, at least the one I rode was, and I guess she has gone to APHA World (I have to get her real name, she's adorable, definite breeding quality!). I had a wonderful time and will definitely be back.

For those of you who are endlessly pained at the parade of idiocy on Horsetopia, someone has started a blog about it. Scroll down - I have rarely seen a shoulder and hip as bad as the sorrel overo mare. I mean, if you need an example to keep of what NOT to breed, never, never, never - she is it, in spades.

Since it's Friday and payday for a lot of folks, I want to mention two good places to put a bit of your money! First of all, Save A Forgotten Equine is having its annual benefit horseshow on August 23rd, and they need class sponsors. Check out this thread to find out what classes are still available. If you have a business, you can absolutely sponsor and have your business promoted at the show, which will take place at Bridle Trails just east of Seattle.

Secondly, Cowgirl Spirit Rescue Drill Team - which does drill with 100% horses rescued from slaughter or similarly poor situations - is heading to the WLRCA State Drill Team Competition next weekend. They could really use your donations to help with entry fees and related expenses, and no donation is too small - all are appreciated and welcomed! If you have a few dollars to spare, they have a donation link on their main page - just scroll down to find it.

I will probably not get a post up tomorrow due to the holiday and actually having a day off of work (and therefore needing to do all the other neglected stuff!) so here's a Friday Featured Rescue, a day early! If you want a VERY well broke riding horse, this is Ginger, an ex-polo pony offered for adoption by Sunkissed Acres Rescue in Georgia. If you've never ridden a polo pony, you have no idea how fun they are. Air brakes, excellent neck rein and most are just wonderful to work around. This girl needs a good home - if you are in the Georgia area, please consider her!

Have a great 4th of July and remember to watch your horses! They may not like being locked in stalls but it sure beats having hem running through fences if you know the neighbors are a-holes and your neighborhood is going to resemble downtown Baghdad tomorrow night. I damn near got run over by the blind mare last year, and have learned my lesson (although now I'm living far enough out in the country that we shouldn't have a problem, hooray!)