Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Jared Neves: MOST ignorant AQHA breeder in the US of A!

Original ad - posted on the KLS site. It has been pulled. For those of you not familiar with HERDA, here's my previous blog entry on the topic.

Spanish fork, UT 84660 - Jul 17, 2008

She is a sweet little 4 year old mare that has been on our ranch since she was a baby. Unfortunately she was never broke to ride.

She is a granddaughter of Peppy San Badger. arguably the great cutting horse sire ever. She has something wrong with her skin where it breaks easily. She has a skin disease called Herda which is commonly found in cutting horse lines. She has about a 25% chance of passing it on to the foal. The foal once it's born, even if it has it, the disease may remain dormant all it's life. There is a good chance the foal will be just fine. See her pedigree here at

Right now she's being exposed to our bay roan stud Doc Hancock Seven. She's been exposed for about 3 months. See his pedigree at www.allbreedpedigree.com/doc+hancock+seven

It gets better. Response sent to a FHOTD poster who tried to POLITELY educate them about everything that is wrong with breeding a mare with HERDA:

"I can't stand when faggots like you use the internet to make themselves seems like God's crusaders. You think you're such a bad-ass. You fucking coward. The truth is you're some red-neck butt fucker who's just jealous that you couldn't breed the mare yourself. Kiss my ass douche bag. Go back to Alabama. Aisforasshole."

He pulled the ad, but fortunately it was not too difficult to find his identity. I love Google. So, just FYI, the homophobic HERDA-breeding ASSHAT's name is Jared Neves of Neves Quarter Horses in Spanish Fork, Utah. Here's a list he's got linked to all of his horses - you can see that mare is on it (and if you can't and he's edited it by now, I saved it. Just like someone else saved his ad for the mare with the skin peeling off her like an onion!)

Jared (or some member of his family entrusted with answering mail on sale horses) is too busy gay-bashing on the Internet to educate himself about why responsible breeders shouldn't breed horses with life-threatening, horrifically painful genetic defects! Hey, Jared, you know what it usually means when you're, like, obsessed with bashing on gay people, right? Two words: Brokeback Mountain.

Poor little mare. Poor little genetically defective foal-to-be. It really is long past time we instituted that IQ test for horse ownership...