Friday, July 11, 2008

Just when I think I've seen the fugliest of them all...

OMG. What is with its NECK? This has to be one of the most pitifully conformed creatures I've ever seen. The neck, the roach back...what a sad little beast.

Ad text: "Great little mini app. He needs a loving child to take care of him. Low maintenance starter horse. Start them young come get your child a new horse. Start out with the little guy and a young age. You could make a champion in the Little Britches rodeo starting them out young. "

Look he's not going to be a champion in the Lead Line Equitation much less the Little Britches rodeo. I am not sure this sad little creature can be ridden at all. WTF.

From the FHOTD message board...a child riding a THREE MONTH OLD colt. I love screen capping! They have changed the ad now but it's tooooo late. You are busted, asshats. Good job, desertrae. Read the whole thread, it's hilarious, they have now apparently INVENTED a person who lived on their property who was responsible for the pictures/ad. This imaginary person is a veterinarian. Sure they are. A veterinarian living in someone else's guest house on a ranch in Texas where it's perfectly ok to ride sucklings. Yeah ok. At least come up with believable lies!

Oh, and Jordan, the person dumping Azzia, responded with exactly the level of knowledge about the horse world today that I expected from here. WHERE, pray tell are all of these people looking for a companion horse? Every rescuer I know would like a list of addresses.

Her e-mail to me: (she seems a bit confused about my name)

From: Jordan Kleinhans

Subject: Azzia


Date: Thursday, July 10, 2008, 12:46 PM

Excuse me Tracy,Our mare is having a wonderful retirement here at our stable. We don't need to give her away, but there are a ton of people who would like a companion horse. And why not give her to someone who is in need of that? We are not breeders, but have bred only two or three. we are just a boarding stable that would like more room for more boarders. That's why we would like to give this mare a great home being a companion for a family that wants to have a few horses on their property or a another companion for their horse. If there is no one interested in a pasture pal or family horse, that's completely fine with us if she stays here. So please do not judge us by trying to find a "good home". Keep your unnecessary comments to yourself unless you happen to know us or any of our horses.Thank you,Jordan

My response:

Hi Jordan,

I don't know who Tracy is, but there are not "a ton of people who would like a companion horse." If there were, every rescue I know would be overjoyed. There are, however, a ton of people making money sending old, unbroke horses to slaughter every day. Many of them come to look at your horses pretending to be a good home. You have a barn, you're apparently capable of training a horse - why don't you train her and then sell her to someone who will board with you if you want more boarders, rather than throwing her out the door with NO skills?

P.S. The whole point of my blog is not keeping my comments to myself.


Love this story. See, they don't all break down! And they are right, he is probably much happier on the track, bossing around the youngsters.

Asshat du Jour! Lady, I really DO hope you get seriously hurt. And your stupid barefoot boyfriend/brother/whatever too. You both need to be out of the gene pool.

How did this happen so fast? I mean, it's great, but how did it happen so fast? (Follow up on the 100 starving horses in Los Angeles)

Have a great weekend, everybody!