Monday, July 28, 2008

Not your idea of fun? Mine either!

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Um, Kim?

- Nobody wants to lease your horse that has three rides on it. Nobody wants to be the free trainer.

- Do you think that maybe it would have made more sense to rescue an old broke horse if you were going to rescue something?

- What in the world makes you think that your unbroke Mustang/TB cross should be used for breeding? Don't you think that might just maybe lead to more horses that need rescuing?

- When you say "She jumps over 6 foot high, when she wants to and is a very very fast runner," every horseperson reading this has an image of you chasing her down the road at 3 AM in your bathrobe and flip flops. Everybody knows how you determined those facts about your filly!

- I am glad you want her to be in a good and loving home. Now suck it up and pay for some professional training so that she can qualify to get that kind of a home. Nobody is going to do this for you for free. NO ONE.