Thursday, July 3, 2008

This might be the toughest little mare in the world

I'm warning you now. Do not watch the video linked below if you're the sensitive type. If anything on earth is going to give you nightmares, this will do it.

The Story of Naysa

More of her story on the Habitat For Horses web site (text and pictures)

Blog showing lots of pics of the property where Naysa will live forever

It's obvious to anyone this is one of the greatest rehab jobs ever done on a horse. Debbie Pendleton, the foster mom, did an unbelievably fabulous job here. I really wish there was some kind of true recognition for what she did for this mare - not just the labor-intensive job of caring for her injuries, but the time that went into rebuilding her trust in humans. And of course the same recognition for Habitat for Horses and all of those people who donated money to pay her extensive vet bills.

And what of Tony Meyers, the piece of sewage that did this? Hell, he still runs free. Hasn't even gone to trial yet. Yes, everybody is trying. Maybe August, I hear. But hey, he could get 10 years at hard labor - I sure hope he does! Of course the POS pleaded not guilty. (News video at that site showing the POS himself.) Good thing I don't live in Louisiana. Ooops, officer, I didn't realize the car was in reverse. It was a total accident when I backed it back and forth over him 46 times. Ha ha, you know us women drivers!

Roundin' up the bad guys and hanging them was not necessarily a tradition we needed to get rid of. That's all I have to say. I can't imagine a single person, even among my most liberal friends, who'd disagree with hanging this guy, or better yet stoning him to death. I'd like to mete out the same punishment he gave this mare and watch him cry like a baby. He'd never be as tough as she was.