Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Aha, I think I figured out all the weird e-mails!

Someone is using the e-mail via form submission on the web to send hate mail to sellers and pretend they are me.

I do not ever do this.

If you receive e-mail directly FROM, not from a form on the web, then it is most likely me (unless someone fakes the send-from address, which is possible)

However, unless you initiate contact, I do not EVER normally make direct contact with a target of the blog. I say what I have to say on the blog.

Any e-mails received via form mail using my e-mail address are not me. Just as anyone can post to the blog and say they are fuglyhorseoftheday, and the only way to check is to click on the name and see that it's the real me, registered May 2007, anyone can submit a form using my e-mail address.

If it doesn't sound like me, it's probably not me.