Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Yet another candidate for the Sea Monkey breeding kit!

We've joked before on this site that we ought to send out Sea Monkey breeding kits to some of these folks so that they can breed something more appropriate to their skills, financial situation, and general level of common sense. Never has it been more true than for the person who put up this ad: (emphasis mine)

PLEASE HELP - FREE HORSES TO GOOD HOMES! Yearling QH/Mustang filly, bright red with no white, almost 15hh already and loves to jump things when running free. Excellent jump/dressage prospect. I wouldn't be getting rid of her if I had the time and facilities to train her myself! Homely yearling blind mustang cross filly. Black and friendly, but doubt she will ever amount to anything. I can't afford to feed her. No idea why she went blind, but she quit growing at the same time, so she is thin, fuzzy and ugly. I would be happy to show anyone these horses most anytime. We are 7 miles from the Porthill border in Idaho. I am feeding 10 other horses and just have to get rid of some, or I will be forced to get rid of them all. My number is 208-267-7815 or email
Posted 25/08/08

The number comes back to Heather at Wallace Taxidermy in Bonners Ferry, Idaho. Great, I guess she can do something with the ones that die. She probably won't know why that happened, either!

Did you know you can call a vet and they will tell you why your filly is blind, thin and fuzzy? If you need to know why she's ugly, just send me pictures of her parents and I'll be happy to explain that for you!

P.S. Heather, just for kicks, why don't you try to research how many QH/mustang crosses are winning in jumping and dressage? Just for the hell of it? Just because you can't keep her inside your no-doubt-crappy fence doesn't mean she's a jump/dressage prospect!

Ugh. Good grief. When are people like Heather going to stop trying to own and breed horses?