Sunday, October 12, 2008

You can't always judge a book by its cover

Sometimes I see a nice web site with pictures of well cared for horses, and see nothing to be concerned about. Then I get an e-mail from a local with proof that all is not as it seems. This is the case today, with Mashallah Stud in Roy, Washington.

Lovely site. No, no showing going on. Yep, too much breeding of unspectacular horses going on. But I wouldn't have expected this...

Apparently this lady's got a ton of Arabians (over 100 registered to her according to AHA) and plenty of them look like crap, to the point where multiple locals have felt the need to send me pictures. A.C. has been called and has visited but you all know the drill - it's not bad enough yet to seize horses. It will be in January, I'm guessing!

Of course, even in the middle of the pretty web site, the ignorance shines through. Check out her story of how her stallion died from a twisted gut. She knew he was colicking and went into the house for FOUR HOURS and didn't check on him. She never called the vet til he was dead. She actually admits to this! What an insufferable moron!

Pictures don't lie, Darlene. I'm told you like to threaten lawsuits. Really? What exactly would you be suing for? Putting up unaltered pictures of your horses is not grounds for anything, sunshine. Perhaps you shouldn't have so many starving horses in full view of the neighbors and the road, ya think? Do you maybe think you should have a number you can afford to feed? Just perhaps? Have you been to Enumclaw and seen what unspectacular Arabians are selling for these days? Why, exactly, are you still making more?

I have more pics including an emaciated gray horse that looks like it is about to drop. I am worried it is the Bey Shah daughter on her web site. Usually Pierce County A.C. is better about this stuff but I suspect they're going, omg, wtf do we do with 100 Arabs if we seize them? If you're local and would step up to help, I suggest you contact them about this and make the offer. If you're one of the locals who has already reported her, complain again. Contacting the media would not be a bad idea. King 5 has been known to investigate these situations.

(On a more positive note, the Arabian horse people have a foundation that is funding rescue AND genetic research to determine the causes of genetic defects and how to avoid them. Now there is a step in the right direction! If you love Arabians, please donate.)