Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Two words: Jail Cell

This news video was sent to me along with a translation of the copy. Apparently this Christine Wels person is in Denmark.


Newsreader: This is the training of a dressage horse: Again and again the former top rider, whose name we can't disclose due to legal reasons, hits the animal for 30 minutes non stop. A hidden camera films the totaly terrified horse even being beaten with the butt of the whip. We show the footage to the editor in chief of a reputable equestrian magazine (Oldenburger Sportpferd Magazine). He is shocked.

Jan Toenjes: You don't understand "What is she doing there?" and the horse certainly doesn't understand it either! A senseless beating...I'm just lost for words!"

Newsreader: The former well known dressage rider hits her horse almost 500 times alone in this 30 minute training session, but when she is confronted with her actions she denies them

Reporter: "Why do you do this?"
Wels : "I don't do "this" at all!"
Reporter: "Why are you denying this?"
Wels : "I don't torture horses-why don't you go and have a look at the horses?"

But pictures speak a different language:

An animal protection worker leads the horses out of the boxes and they show evident signs of mistreatment. The pasterns are bleeding and their mouths show the scars of deep wounds-obviously the results of the brutal trainings methods. This is not the first time this athlete (trainer) has been accused of mistreatment of animals and is probably the reason she has now moved to Denmark . Animal protection organisations intend to forward this footage to the authorities so we never have to witness these images of tortured horses again.

The sad part is that this isn't new. This woman got convicted of abuse just a couple yeras ago! WHY were people still sending her horses to train? GOOD LORD, LEARN TO USE GOOGLE! If you are too dumb to use google, you are too dumb for horse ownership! The information was right out there!

She was banned from having horses but here she is on video abusing again. LOCK THE BITCH UP. End of problem. She won't be finding any more horses to abuse in her jail cell.

As Toenjes correctly observed, that horse did not learn anything except to hate the bitch with the whip in the middle of the circle. If there is any justice, he will run her ass over. HUGE kudos for the person with big enough cojones to film this and get it to the media! Boy, would I like to see THAT happen more often. Everybody here, myself included, has witnessed something like that that we should have filmed and reported. Now that I have video on my camera phone, I'd definitely do it. Would you? How else do we fight training barn abuse?

On to some happier subjects:

This is hilarious. I love this kind of honesty and I think she sounds like a great deal for someone who doesn't have enough time for their horse and has a horse meeting this description:

Free Groom Available (Vancouver/Burnaby)
Reply to:
Date: 2008-09-10, 11:55PM PDT

Arthritic, overweight, middle aged woman seeks horse of similar
description. If you'd like your big old pasture pet thoroughly
groomed and ridden down the road at a walk twice a week, I'm your

Oh, and a last note - check out this entry in a photography contest. The horse is an ex-racer called Tall Glass that was rescued and rehomed by LongRun Thoroughbred Retirement Society in Ontario, Canada. How cute is that? The proud momma of both child and horse would appreciate your votes, and I think the pic certainly deserves them.