Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Repeat offenders...*sigh*

You may recall this blog with the stunning sorrel tobiano "stallion prospect" for $3000.

Well, apparently quite a drama has been going on at another message board over a teenaged AQHA stallion with heaves. Some brilliant parents bought it for their eleven year old daughter. A stallion. That's him on the left with TWO kids on him bareback, helmetless, etc. (Yes, today's theme is apparently: Really Bad Parenting 101!) Fortunately for the child, the stallion was a good-natured old soul and didn't eat her for lunch.
He did, apparently, fall down and roll over on her (I don't even want to know how that happened. That kid must have a guardian angel to have walked away from that.)

Unfortunately for the stallion, the parents had no clue about horse care and for the past couple of years, the kid continued to post pictures of the horse in increasingly poor condition, despite the best efforts of the experienced forum members to politely educate her. The forum members, correctly realizing that the child was far too young to be responsible for caring for an old horse with a serious medical condition, literally begged the kid to have her parents read the forum and learn what to do.

Their persistence paid off! After two years, the horse got moved to a boarding stable, medicated for his heaves and began gaining back all of the weight he had lost. The kid kept posting pictures, so the forum readers were able to see the progress and breathe a sigh of relief. They hadn't gelded him, but at last he was getting proper care, and the kid was on track to becoming a knowledgeable member of the horse world.
(Please note: I do not blame the kid here at all. The kid loved the horse, and was trying. The parents, however, are idiots.)

Just when things were looking better, the idiot parents sold him ('cause you know, the $285 a month board so that he could live a proper barn that took care of him was just busting the old budget). For $500. To the dim bulb with the sorrel paint colt from the post referenced above, who is now standing him at stud! Of course she is. By the way, honey, nothing says "serious equine professional" like the e-mail That's just special. You have a myspace with pictures of you french-kissing your female friends in bars, too, don't you? That glittery shit all over your web site is another clue, too.

Of course, HJ Babe there posted pics like these that clearly show the horse is underweight once more. You can keep weight on a horse with heaves, but it definitely requires medication/supplements and a carefully controlled diet and environment. Somehow I'm thinking he's not getting all of that TLC thrown out there with the cows. Of course, riding and breeding a horse who can't breathe is also just an EXCELLENT idea. You can see all of the pictures here. I believe that he's sweet, but he should have been a sweet gelding. Even in excellent condition, he was never breeding quality.

Here's his two year old unregistered son. Boy, nothing is as prepotent as bad can sure tell this is old Hank's son - it has all of Hank's flaws! Straight shoulder, weak hip, post legs. Check out the hip is a duplicate of dear old dad's. Both bad. Hank has a prettier head - the mare must have really been fugly.
But hey, at least you can get him broke out...because nothing inspires confidence like a training page full of women riding with their heels up and the saddle sitting directly on the horse's withers! Good thing you also do massage, those horses are going to need it.

Then again, compared to HJ Babe's other stallion here, I have to say that old Hank is looking pretty damn impressive by comparison. Good Lord, what is this? If you tried to draw a picture of a Quarter Horse and show every single possible conformation fault, I believe this is what you'd get! Starting at the front, ugly head, big ears, short upside-down neck, straight shoulder, super long back, downhill, weak hip, sickle hocked, a belly like an old broodmare and all of the muscular development of a 300 pound lady that sits on the couch watching the soaps all day and stuffing herself full of twinkies. They claim he goes back to Rugged Lark. (Rugged Lark says he was drunk at the time and doesn't even remember the mating that led to this!)

*sigh* So we've got your typical BYB with three hideous stallions they think are just wonderful, breeding mixed breed crap out of things like a wormy looking draft cross mare they probably got from a PMU farm. And now they've got that poor old stallion. Doesn't it just seem like some horses have jinxed lives?