Friday, October 3, 2008

My client/student did WHAT???

I HAD to put this, from the comments, on the main page. I just about fell over!

"I had one woman fall down behind her horse. I told her, just roll clear and get up. Does she do that, oh hell no. She wallows her little tubby self around so she is sitting cross-legged right behind the horse. Grabs his tail, and cannon bone, and heaves her happy ass off the ground. I had to swallow my heart back into my chest cavity."

OMG! OK, great weekend topic. Trainers, instructors, what is the craziest, most unexpected, most off the wall thing you've had a student do before you could stop them?

Not actually my student, my friend's student, but my best story is the girl who painted her mare for costume class...with house paint. Man, was that a clean-up job! We had no idea she was doing it 'til it was done.

So have fun this weekend...tell us your stories!

And yes, I'm leaving the message board up. You guys have an ignore feature - feel free to use it!