Wednesday, October 29, 2008

King 5 does it again!

I have to salute King 5 News again for putting animal issues front and center!

Here is the article. Yes, those lovely characters who damn near starved Ruby the Paint mare to death and were hoarding numerous other animals got featured on the news!

My favorite part of the article:

"The three people living at the home face multiple counts of animal cruelty. We wanted to talk to them, but there was so much garbage piled up we couldn't even find the front door to knock on it.

"The city dump is in better shape, bottom line," said Wanda Fuller."

THANK YOU, King 5, for again putting this kind of story front and center! This encourages neighbors who see poor conditions for animals to take the time - and perhaps the risk - to report it. We all know it's uncomfortable to actually make the report. You worry that the neighbor will find out that you're the one who did it - and a lot of these folks have guns. You worry that no action will be taken and now you're the nosy neighbor AND the animals are still starving. You may worry that perhaps you are overreacting to what you see. And by all means, if the people are reasonable and will accept your help to improve conditions for their animals, that route is a great one to take - but if you know the attitude is "just mind your own business!" - don't. The welfare of animals is everybody's business and these people would not have been brought to justice without reports from neighbors. There is no telling how many lives were saved by those reports. Congratulations to those of you who helped bring them to justice - you did good!