Monday, October 13, 2008

The needs of the many...

(Warning, graphic pics - filly cut off entire hoof and pastern in a fence)

Here's all I have to say about this:

If you own your own horse and you want to put a million zillion dollars into saving its life, and you have a million zillion dollars, go for it.

But when you have to go out and beg for donations from the public to do it, YOU ARE DEAD WRONG to try to save a filly this f'ed up. There are a ton of healthy, four legged AQHA fillies going to kill at auctions all over the country. How many could be saved with the money needed to install a prosthesis on this one? You know, fillies that can grow up and be ridden and have jobs.

Ever known a person with a prosthesis? Ever hear about how much work it is to maintain a stump in healthy condition? Who is going to do that for thirty years, reliably?

This is not cute. It's stupid and irresponsible.

I know she's cute but she needs to be PTS.