Thursday, October 9, 2008

Stupid is as stupid posts!

This is from "Barnyard Mare" whose real name is Mary Powell Hunter. You gotta read this:

"I worked for a prominent Impressive breeder. I worked for him 4 years. I buried no less than 8 Impressives, both HH and NN. I pulled dead foals out of mares and buried mares with foals hanging out. I helped post a couple as well. This man breeds high dollar Impressives, gets at least $50,000 a yr from the incentive fund and usually has World Champion halter horses each year. in the years I have raised foundation lines, I pulled one foal and the only horse I ever buried was one who broke its leg. I watched way too many pretty horses die that were Impressives. The hybrid vigor is lost with Impressive. I am also starting to see certain Pocos and Doc Bars showing some signs of hybrid vigor loss. Some of my horses have Poco and Doc Bar but I am breeding away from that . THe mares that dopped dead were posted,,,gues what the NN mare had a HYPP attack....surprise surprise."

The N/N mare had a HYPP attack? Um, sweetie, that's like saying I just had a foal. IT IS NOT POSSIBLE.

I'm DYING to know who the guy was who was unfortunate enough to employ this chick. Anybody know? I think it's ironic she's bad-mouthing him when it's obvious she's way too dumb to be breeding horses herself.

I mean, here's HER stud. Pass the barf bag. Downhill, nasty straight shoulder, and there's a "nest" if I ever saw one. What are his foals going to be good for? He looks like an overfed pony cross, not a Quarter Horse.

And of course, she admits she doesn't have "time or money" to show. Uh-huh...

No one is more anti-HYPP than I am, but I am tired of people like this spreading misinformation and scaring the world off of any horse that goes back to Impressive. She blasts Impressive for being "inbred" and claims this is the source of HYPP. This is DEAD WRONG. From the UC Davis web site:

"The original genetic defect causing HYPP was a natural mutation that occurred as part of the evolutionary process. The majority of such mutations, which are constantly occurring, are not compatible with survival. However, the genetic mutation causing HYPP produced a functional, yet altered, sodium ion channel. This gene mutation is not a product of inbreeding. The gene mutation causing HYPP inadvertently became widespread when breeders sought to produce horses with heavy musculature."

So, basically, before we knew what HYPP was or how to test for it, breeders specifically selected the heaviest muscled horses for breeding. Many of them were that heavy muscled because they possessed the defect, which "fits them up" by causing involuntary muscle contractions. So breeders were more likely to use HYPP horses for breeding than non-affected horses. Those breeders weren't at fault - no test existed at that time - but they DID cause the current prevalence of the disease by creating a lot more horses with it. It does not have a single thing to do with any of Impressive's ancestors. Impressive is the horse who had the mutation and he sired over two thousand foals before anybody knew better.

Now we know better, and breeding H/H and N/H horses should stop. N/N horses have exactly the same chance of having a HYPP attack or passing HYPP along to a foal as horses who do not trace to Impressive - ZERO.

P.S. Sweet Pea? You claim your stallion doesn't go back to Three Bars. For fuck's sake, why don't you know your stallion's pedigree better than I could learn it on the web in five minutes? Your stallion has got TWO crosses to Three Bars through his maternal granddam. Lee Bar and Rocket Bar. It's one thing to make a mistake about someone else's horse's pedigree, but shouldn't you know your own?

P.P.S. From her web site: "For horses age 18 months to 24 months, the maximum time per day of riding will be limited to 30 minutes." YUP! Get cracking on those 18 month olds, you wouldn't want them to grow up sound or anything!

P.P.P.S. She says she's pro-slaughter on her web page. Well, no shit, what else are you gonna do with the offspring of Fatty Blackburn McCue there? He's built like a beef cow.