Monday, October 27, 2008

A better way to place a horse with no value!

I love horsepeople, because when it really gets down to it, we are coming up with solutions that will keep horses safer. Today I want to tell you all about Transition A Horse, a new website created by friends of mine. This is a site that supports responsible rehoming of horses that have little to no monetary value. You can list your horse(s) that you will give away for free, get good advice on how to screen prospective homes and download sample contracts. I know I get asked all the time about where to find a good "gift contract" -- here you go!

Remember, you cannot trust someone because they seem nice, look like Mrs. Claus, show up with their children who are excited about the horse (standard operating procedure for MANY kill buyers) or are wearing some kind of religious symbol. You must investigate and that's easy enough to do. Please take the time and effort to make sure the person picking up your horse isn't putting him right on the truck to Mexico or Canada. My best advice is: DO THE SITE CHECK. Even if it's a pain in the ass. Even if they're 100 miles away. Please, please, please do the site check. If you're dead broke and can't drive anywhere, ask here in the comments and we'll find someone to do the site check for you. 20,000 people a day read this blog - one of them lives near you and will be happy to help.

On another note, I have finally placed a search box on the blog (upper right). It works great - I typed in "striped pants" and immediately got the blog about that girl in the striped pants with the tarp on her horse's head! So when you are DYING to show someone a former FHOTD entry, now you can find it without driving yourself crazy (or e-mailing me, because I can't remember when I wrote it, either!)