Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Project Shake-Up

Another horse lover came up with this idea, and I'm passing it along. It's easy because it just involves e-mailing. The date to do this is November 7th and I'll try to remember to repost a reminder, but I'll give you a week to do the writing.

Project Shake-Up

Have you ever been to a livestock auction and had a horrible experience?If you have -we invite you to join equine advocates all over America in Project Shake-Up.

Here is what it is about:

You send out your story (complete with graphic photos/if you have them)of your worst experience of equine neglect/abuse while at a livestock auction. You can also participate if you have been involved in helping a friend who had such an experience firsthand even if you did not. There are many advocates that have turned to their friends for assistance in trying to get law enforcement/A/C to these auctions to enforce the law. Because of such involvement -you will have a story to tell,too.

We are trying to get national media attention to expose the greedy,non-compassionate,and neglectful auction dealers. We want to really put the heat on them to stop all this constant equine neglect/abuse. We have been getting so many stories this past year on auction dealers selling horses that were dying,injured,starving,etc. The conditions for these animals are absolutely abominable! Stories like empty water troughs, no food provided, knee deep in manure, horses sitting out in direct 90 degree heat for weeks at a time, handlers whipping the horses, horses crying out in severe pain w/broken limbs left unattended. Dealers selling abandoned horses w/out paperwork. We wonder how many of those horses may have been stolen. No medical attention is ever administered. There are vets at some auctions there for Coggins that just turn their back on all the abuse and look the other way. Dealers hauling horses across state lines w/out coggins/health papers. Animal control officers won't even bother to come out and help,etc. The list goes on and on...

Well,now is a chance for all of us as advocates of the horse to strike back! On Friday November 7th (lucky#7) - advocates everywhere will be emailing their most horrible livestock auction experience to all 3 media news networks. We are hoping to totally bombard the national media-convincing them that there is a real crisis going on in this country with what auction dealers are allowing at their venues all across America. If enough advocates will take the time to do this -we think that even if they don't do an immediate story that it might at least pique their curiosity. That may produce a story at a later time. We invite all equine advocates everywhere to post this on your blogs,websites,forums,etc. Send this message out to anyone who might want to participate.We need everyone to have a chance at success.

All you have to do to participate is on Friday,November 7th - email in a word document your story/photos to :

Dateline NBC:



FHOTD back in: A focused effort like this is a great idea. I know that some of you have told me some real horror stories and of course I have seen my share as well. I wish I had photographs but it's hard to photograph at the auctions - many auctions flat out say you aren't allowed to take pictures (like Woodburn). I have seen horses so emaciated animal control should have been called for a prosecution, horses that were literally shaking all over for no apparent reason, blind horses terrified after being thrown into pens with strange horses who were attacking them, horses with heaves so bad they could hardly breathe -- the original poster is not exaggerating. These auctions are a dumping ground and the auction owners should be held responsible for contacting authorities when a horse in actionable condition is brought in. I also feel there is no excuse for auction pens not to contain clean, fresh water - how hard is it?

As I have frequently said, if you want an inventory you don't have to take care of, SELL CARS. If you choose to sell livestock, decent care is part of the deal and if you don't provide that, you should be held accountable.