Saturday, October 25, 2008

There are fewer panhandlers at the park in Santa Monica!

You've often heard me scoff at the ABR (Alex Brown Racing) forum because it's become such a haven for crazy hoarders and criminal scammers to bilk money out of well-meaning individuals who want to help horses. Alex continually defends shady organizations like CBER, ensuring that although we're on the same side of the slaughter debate, he and I won't be doing lunch anytime soon. He continues to let people use his forum as a great big, largely uncontrolled, beg-a-thon. I mean, it's the ABR forum that allowed Catherine Peterson to do what she did. Need I say more?

Well, they got a REALLY special newbie the other day who got all offended that people actually wanted to know more about her before sending money (kudos! you guys are learning!) and I SO enjoyed Marlifarm's response to her post that I'm going to put it here. Marli's comments are in red. They are tactful, far more tactful than I would have been, and make some really excellent points. (My less tactful comments are in blue!) In this world where just about anybody can tell you they're rescuing horses and need your donations, these are some good guidelines for questions to ask, as well as how to present yourself on the web if you are a legitimate rescue and don't want to come off sounding like another deadbeat hoarder who can't pay the light bill.

"Hello Fans of Barbaro,

We are a under construction not for profit LLC. While, we may be new to some of you, I say, "some", because, every day has the power to convince me, that, there are truly occasions, where, the world is no bigger than my backyard, we are not new to the horses, ponies, mules, no donkies yet, in need. You are not new to the plight of horses being sent to slaughter- please use some of your past experiences to fill in your Wiki- some history of yourself/farm.

We are located in Brownton, MN. We had until recently, covered all expenses with our personal funds. Our performance horses subsidized our challenged beauties. (FHOTD in: OK, I'm sorry, if you refer to rescue horses as "challenged beauties," you're kicked off MY island right there. For fuck's sake. Go back to reading your Harlequin novels!) You have not been a not for profit it's common sense to realize you have covered your horse activities with your personal funds, there are many here that own horses and are responsible as horseowners for paying for their needs. You write 'we had until recently, covered all expenses'- has something occurred to change this? You write 'our performance horses subsidized our challenged beauties'- could you please explain what this means-has it/how it has affected you?

I should like to point out, that, all the equines here, with the exception, of, 2 donated
minis, are feedlot, killpen, and 1 bid above the slaughter buyer(s),purchases. Yes, even our performance prospects.
You have offered safe haven to horses that otherwise may have shipped to slaughter. Can you explain what your intentions are for these horses? Also- what do you do with your 'performance prospects'? (FHOTD in: You know, horses that could perhaps compete in some kind of performance IF someone who wasn't as lazy as us got ahold of them and actually trained them!)

We will be registered with the MN Secretary of State as, "Phoenix Farms LLC". If, all goes well and we can assume the expired .com domain you will henceforth find us simply by entering, There is a vast amount of hosts that offer free websites (ex: freewebs/homestead/weebly to name just a few). Many that can be created very easily- perhaps you could create a free website until the domain becomes available for 'Phoenix Fams LLC'. It would immediately enable viewers a way to get to know you, a mission statement, your experience, etc.

I am at this time reaching out, and please, I do understand that we are new and untried to some of you, we can, upon, request, be referenced. Has anyone yet asked for references and have you supplied the references?

We are blessed in that we are feed, farrier, and medical supply, rich. What we could use help with is the monthly budgeted utility payment, which, serves the lights in the barn, keeps the water pump pumping, the fences charged, and very shortly here, the tank heaters heating. That payment is currently set at $225.00 due by the 5th day of each month,
payable to; Mcleod Cooperative Power 1231 Ford Ave. Glencoe, MN 55336
Phone 800-208-5950 Acct#0000125707 Contact Person/Pattie
$90.00 a month will keep the farm phone up and operating, that, we may continue to
receive and return all calls with no additional long distance fees.
payable to; EMBARQ PO BOX 3289 Huntington WV, 25702-0289 by phone 877-813-7604 ACCT#320-328-0103 355

I do not have a paypal account as yet. If, you can help, we thank you, if, you do not feel comfortable not knowing us, we do understand.

We currently have assisted 45 equines in the last 12 months, have 14 current residents, with 5 new additions coming this week. We have 2 new faces coming to be shared with us by the wonderful ladies at Great Expectations Ranch. They are currently listed on their website under rehab horses, "Pappy and Cutter". Please do take a look also under for sale, and you will find a young man named "Jericho", these are 3 of our latest additions coming on Saturday.

(FHOTD in: I hear nothing but good things about Great Expectations. Ladies, I suggest you disassociate yourself from Miss Can't Pay The Utility Bills. It doesn't look good for you.)

I am going to state my opinon here, and please understand, this is just my opinion- while it's fantastic that you are 'feed, farrier and medical supply rich', have offered safe haven and maintained 45 equines in the last 12 months, currently have 14 resident horses and are intaking an additional 5- having the ability to keep electric running and phone service is a basic first priority (I'd expect 99% of people would agree). Besides the horses do you have children- a family that needs to be supported? Are you employed? It is commendable that your heart opens your farm to horses in need however on this point I can only offer my opinion that perhaps the priority of maintaining electric on your farm and phone service should be first versus the intake of additional horses. (FHOTD in: Yeah, this dingbat was saying she'd take more horses elsewhere on the board!!!) If you cannot afford/need assistance to pay your electric bill and phone service and as a private person need to turn to the public to ask for 'help' I'm certain I cannot be the only one that's read your commentary and shook my head, and again, I'm sorry if this offends, it's really not meant to- but any logical minded person may agree that keeping the electric on and phone service is a higher priority versus intaking additional horses. I realize that your heart may be in the right place but there are other resources/outlets for the horses you are intaking and lessen the risk of jeopardizing the horses that you already own - or more importantly the need to have electric and phone service (re: emergencies) for your family (assuming you have one). Have you sought financial assistance through your community (church/gov't agencies?)

(I deleted another plug for Great Expectations here. As far as I know, they may not want anything to do with Beggin' Bertha here and I would hate for them to be tarnished unfairly by association. As I say, I've never heard a negative thing about them.)

Thank you so much and I look forward to coming to know you too as we go. Getting to know others via 'cyberspace' can lead to rewarding experiences- and on the flip side to not so positive experiences. Also the reason why better explanations, full disclosures, mission statements and complete responses when asked questions assist in formulating good cyber relationships. Whenever an individual turns to a public forum, whether non-profit or private it opens the door to many questions- and responses should be easily obtained- this also applies to your sentence below- public forum plea/public forum responses.

Please feel free to email me directly with any questions/concerns/hellos I prefer not to email privately or give out my email addy- it is also disconnected from this site as it invites too much spam to my inbox (albeit many are familiar with my addy)- a personal preference since I am a private person (not a formal rescue).
The Rodacker/River Family Any chance for full name and address- would help for anyone seeking to donate/contribute.

FHOTD back in: Now, you guys know I can't leave well enough alone so I looked up Beggin' Bertha's phone number that she posted on her Wiki page on ABR and started researching her.

She's selling hay on Craigslist - so why can't she pay her own damn utility bills? "Alfalfa Mix and Several types of grass available. The bails are 50-70 lbs. for $3 to $5 per bail. Delivery possible for additional charge. 320-328-0103."

P.S. Honey, the word is "bales."

Here's more: "ALSO AVAILABLE: Corn, Oats & Wheat sold by the bushel. We also have Straw ! PLEASE CALL EITHER: 320-328-0103 OR CELL 507-351-5725"

So then I looked up the address she provides as the place of her rescue. It's owned by a Brian Mayrand, who tried to evict her in May for not paying her rent . Hmmm, the judgment was filed September 12th, do you think Dena is trying to get the ABR forum to fund a new place for her to live? CHOO CHOO CHOO, the train is coming down the track. Great Expectations, you ladies better expect 19 more rescue horses 'cause here it comes!

Hey, look, she was committed for being mentally ill and chemically dependent, too! What a surprise. Now we know where her money goes...

It's amazing what you find when you start doing a little research...I know somebody's going to say that's her personal life and none of my business, and I think usually that's true but when someone has been found to be an unfit caretaker of one species, I do believe that reflects on the odds that they will be a responsible horse rescuer, and that's why I'm noting it.

$10 says she photoshops her ass too... (on that topic, Dean's trial has been continued YET again...the wheels of justice are, as usual, flat.)