Saturday, October 25, 2008

Things I am learning by doing the Breeder's List...

If you are going to be a rescue horse, be an Icelandic or a Norwegian Fjord or a Gotland pony! Seriously, their breeders not only want to take back their own horses, they'll take any horse of that breed. Almost without exception, in any condition, just call them! If you rescuers get one, just check the breeder's list. They're gonna arm wrestle for who gets to take that horse off your hands.

Hmmm that might just make my point once again about supply and demand...being something rare and in demand is an awfully good thing for an animal to be! You just don't see a lot of Ferraris up on blocks and getting rusty behind someone's single wide...think about that if you think it's awesome your stallion sires a hundred head a year.