Friday, October 17, 2008

Sometimes, no matter how careful you are...

They STILL find a way to get into trouble! Believe it or not, this filly is going to be okay. They had to cut her loose with a chainsaw though! I rant about people with barbed wire fence and hazards in the pasture here, but it is true that sometimes they will find a way to get hurt even in the safest of fields!

Just amazing. I am so glad they were able to rescue her.
Can you imagine coming home to this? I'd have heart failure!

And most of you have, by now, seen this one...the draft filly who wedged herself into a water trough. it's been circling the net for some time now. Again, there is NO reason to think that would EVER happen...and again, the horse was fine.

So tell me, can you beat either of these? What's the craziest mess your horses have gotten into? Bonus for pics - remember, you can use HTML to link, but not show an image.