Saturday, October 11, 2008

All right, you asked for it!

Gretchen commented in our last post that she and other breeders were trying to institute a "Welcome Home" program for the horses they'd bred - a public agreement that they would always take back one of those horses! I thought this was a great idea, so I set up a site where, if you are a breeder, you can make public your desire to help any of your horses if they are in need.

I am still working on the main "horse reunions" site where you will be able to list any horse you are looking for, or search for a horse, as a former or current owner, rider, whatever. So please don't submit to this site unless you are a breeder. We will have the other site up soon enough but it is a bigger project and I have experts working on that, because I suspect it is going to get a ton of traffic and needs to be done right, not by someone who knows how to hard code if it's not too complicated and I leave enough spaces between things so that my eyes don't cross :-) This site may change, too, if the response is huge. Right now I'm going to try to do the list manually.

Oh, and I'm far from foolproof so please let me know if I f'ed up your listing. I'll fix it if you tell me!

If you are a breeder, here is the site!

P.S. Shameless promotion of your business will not be included in your listing, so don't waste time typing it. This is strictly about finding and helping the horses you've created.