Saturday, October 11, 2008

And some aren't falling through the cracks...

I like this story. In May, I got this e-mail:

"You do not have to reply or post, but just wanted to let you know a local Kill Buyer had the heart to load up this horse and drop him off at a local lady's place for possible rehab. I know this FUGLY was worth nothing as slaughter, but this KB still took the time and effort to load him up and drop him off. (Knowing nothing about his previous owner...but guessing Cremello was something this poor horse was bred to be...then just left to waste away) I am sponsoring his rehab as well as cleaning his stall, dusting for all the "critters" crawling on him when he arrived, have a farrier lined up for hoof work (which he is donating), and will provide a home for him when he is ready. It took 4 hours to soften and remove 1/2 of the manure/mud mats on his body. His sores are healing and hair is starting to grow back, but the best thing is that he is eating, drinking, and has a sparkle in his eye now...legs are steadier...and we think he will survive - thanks to a Kill Buyer."

I just got an update with a picture!

"He is in a nice pasture now with lots of hay also. A good shelter. I ended up having him gelded and will pay board for him for all his days near my place. He's the little FUGLY that folks mentioned after you ran a list of horses in different states - from Great Expectations in MN. His legs are a total mess, and he seems a little slow upstairs. Since he was bred and born this way and the former owners were asshats, he is going to be my little pasture pal."

I just think it's good to remember that in the midst of all of the chaos, horses are being saved each and every day. The good people are out there, putting in the hard work to rehab horses like this.

Congratulations, Mel and Great Expectations - you guys did a great job!