Monday, October 20, 2008

Some high priority stuff from my mailbag...

I tried to read my NEWER mail today and actually get some of the urgent stuff out here...this is not all, but some.

URGENT: Going to New Holland TODAY

These ALL ride and are ALL in okay condition (email said good but they look a bit thin in the pic to me). They are not rehabs. You can pick them up and ride them TODAY.

Winalots Fortune- 10 y/o mare used as broodmare. Pedigree here: No pic available.

Clever Whisper- 16 y/o mare used as broodmare. Pedigree here:

Rita of Cascia- 6 y/o mare used as broodmare. Pedigree here:

These mares can be bought for $250.00 each and will need immediate homes. They can be picked up Monday at New Holland, if interested contact Christy at: OR Lisa at:

Imperial Beach, CA - Nice six year old Thoroughbred mare, bred for polo, excellent condition but has a nasty case of white line disease. I have successfully rehabbed WLD and it is NOT that hard, but you need a truly good farrier and to keep the horse out of any kind of mud or slop (not hard in SoCal). Nothing else wrong with this mare. Needs an adoptive home urgently, please e-mail Allyson if you are local and may be able to help.

Harris County, Texas - Some asshat stole two bay Thoroughbred mares from their pasture. If they are really this small, they ought to stand out from the ten gazillion other bay Thoroughbred mares in Texas. If you're local, please keep an eye out!

I like this $500 horse in Syracuse. Hell, she deserves to be a crabby old bat. Turn her out for three months and feed her carrots and give her some downtime. $50 says she's sore somewhere and nobody's diagnosed it and it's totally fixable.

Hmmm, even I don't know how I feel about this. Do you suppose, from the ad content, that they have even TOLD the owner that they are advertising the horse and telling the world the owner isn't paying his board? Sounds like they haven't...hmmm. Awfully nice horse but, c'mon, take it for board FIRST and then try to sell it. I hate people who stiff boarding barns, but I still think this sounds iffy, just from what they have said. (Edited to add: OK, apparently the owner is aware and in agreement. The ad just sounded odd, but the horse is for sale for $20K to cover back board and fees and give the owner a little cash out of the deal.)

Remember all the Arabians being starved by Axel what's-his-name in Canada? Check out the before and after pictures - and KUDOS to the Arabian horse community for coming together to rehab this huge number of seized horses. That was not easy. You guys did great!

For those of you in the New England area - This coming weekend, October 26th, CANTER is holding an event at Suffolk Downs. Basically, what they do is a formal presentation of horses that are for sale direct from the trainers. You are buying from the trainer. There is no adoption application and you are NOT prevented in any way from retraining and reselling or breeding (and yes, some of these mares are breeding quality mares), so if you are looking for a winter project, here you go. Here's a current list of the horses available. The one shown is "Panky Hanky" and I just think he's adorable. Love how deep he is through the heartgirth. You have to picture him "show weight" - he is going to be something special and he's priced to go.

Feel free to post more urgent stuff to the comments. You can use HTML to show links (and should - otherwise they get cut off). You guys can ALL learn to make a HTML link. There are a million resources online to show you. It's a good skill to have!