Monday, October 6, 2008

How bad does it have to get before they stop?

Some recent auction reports...before I post them, let me remind those of you with poor reading comprehension that none of these are written by me. (Every time I post these, some moron has to comment "but why didn't YOU save blaah blaaah horse or turn X person in to animal, I wasn't even there. People send these to me. I did not save anything from any auction listed here. If the people who did wish to ID themselves in the comments, that is their call. Thanks.)

Here's Enumclaw, Washington yesterday:

"I went to an auction today and it was dismal. There were horses for FREE and dozens under 100.00. One 5 yr old bay arab mix gelding brought 20.00 and he was fat and healthy and sound. Back yard tobiano paint yearlings were 10.00, an ugly little bay mare and her red dun foal for 50.00. Highest selling horse was 700.00. I saw a guy with some homely cow bred reg AQHA 2-3 yr olds that had ground work done and had been backed a few times, some were sorrels and bays and some were duns and buckskins and palominos. They were low quality and rough coated from the pastures selling WITH papers for 85.00-150.00. He said he had 14 more and would be riding them and bringing them back next spring! There was a really cute 13 yr old app mare, by a leading sire out of a NICE AQHA mare who was a proven producer, with a reining foal who was a WC to her credit, broke to ride, sound and honestly really cute for 225.00. Beautiful 16+ hand bay TB mares, quiet with training off the track for 250.00. Halter champion arab mare that looked the part for 160.00. Paint mares with color, by big name stallions for 300-500. A stallion who was a grandson of Doc Bar who was a little tank went for 150 to the auctioneer to slaughter. 17 hand black shire mare, ex-pmu for 150.00, a very nice 6 yr old grade buckskin gelding fairly well broke for 325.00 a grulla reg AQHA mare that was also foundation registered and broke, of course she was 5 and had had 3 foals went for 85.00...Sad, pathetic sale. The weirdest and scariest part was that even though prices were ridiculously low, people were taking it. There were only a handful of no sales."

Here's one from Minnesota in August. Bear in mind that this is a "better" auction - one that has been known for years for high quality registered horse sales.

Simon Horse Company Auction House --Cannon Falls MN Tuesday August 12, 2008

There were a TON of horses for some odd reason, I stayed for 3.5hrs and they were only half done, wanted to see the loose horses there were 3 big Belgians and a really nice Shire. They were probably going to kill, they were nice and fattened and one of the Belgians eye was ripped open and the eye ball was gone…pretty gruesome. Some nice looking horses in the loose ones though, big grey TB I wanted really bad…but I board I cant buy anymore!!

  • Bay mini mare rode in by kid $135
  • Blue roan pony, possibly bred, walked with kid on bareback looked pretty young $145
  • Sorrel Flaxen 4yr mini ridden by kid $175
  • Buckskin mini filly $75 L so cute
  • Drk chestnut mini stud $25
  • Grulla mini stud $35
  • Chocolate Mini baby $45 last three went to the same guy
  • Sorrel flaxen yearling mini lead in $70
  • Cremello ish mini mare $100
  • Pinto grade 8yr pony rode in by teenage girl that was too big for the pony, gelding, neck reined well $160
  • Black pony mare 9yrs rode in bareback w halter $175
  • Sorrel pinto 3yr old gelding been saddled very pretty, and super fat, registered $200
  • Sorrel pony mare, 6yrs rode in by kid no saled wanted $400
  • Pinto mini mare lead with kid riding, registered $210
  • Gorgeous black paint pony (bald face 4 white socks) 51inches 5yr gelding, roped off of, did cattle, very very broke – would make a great show pony IMO $900
  • Grulla 3yr paint had shoes all around apparently and coggins rode in by kid $ no saled
  • Paint grade 3yr mare rode in, kept spinning her…poor girl looked dizzy after a while lol was very well broke though WTC in tiny space $625
  • Paint registered 98 mare “guaranteed color” bred to paint lead through $225
  • Roanish Sorrel supposedly will roan out more as gets older Registered QH with Red Sonny Dee and Smoken Joe on papers, yearling stud colt lead in , almost jumped on handler when kids ran by but otherwise quiet $675 no saled wanted $800
  • Roan small draft X gelding rode in $400 kinda fugly but cute
  • Registered paint 3yr mare very pretty dished face 120 days training, very western pleasure lope and jog very nice show mare…too well trained for 3yrs! But cute. Fleet machine on papers and Mr. Conclusive? No saled wanted $2000
  • Registered appaloosa pretty for an app black face and socks and speckled leopard rode in bareback had the sad appy tail 1999 mare $650
  • Black registered paint very minimal white 95 mare rode in by kid that couldn’t really make her move or turn.. $325
  • Palomino, 4 white socks, cute, huge 5yr old gelding rode in very quiet $600
  • Sorrel pony mare 12yrs been in 4H rode in $145
  • Palomino appendix gelding very QH looking though, registered, 2003, barrel racer, “performance bred” $2200
  • Registered halflinger stud colt, super well put together and super cute! Only $75 totally would have taken this guy
  • Solid registered 98 paint mare with tobiano baby rode in bred back, ridden in by kid but hadn’t been ridden in 3yrs $325 colt was to be sold but no saled at $75
  • Appendix gelding 2002 rode in been around everything $600 no saled wanted $1200
  • GORGEOUS dark blue roan registered 5yr gelding from ranch in SD rode in $1300
  • Grulla – tiger stripped legs and all registered yearling stud colt $875
  • Bay 2006 Doc OLena gelding rode in…yes rode in and pretty broke…will have leg problems im sure! $625
  • Light palomino 9yr old small mare rode in scare on shoulder “doesn’t affect her” $500
  • True black grade 10yr gelding rode in been on lots of trails, owner said they would guarantee him, had shots and seemed well broke $675
  • Sorrel small gelding 12 yrs rode in with two 5-7yr old kids in saddle $200
  • Grade sorrel overo gelding, big $450
  • Black tobiano 2004 gelding quiet well broke rode in WTC $450
  • Registered paint yearling filly? MN futurity nominated very well built $90
  • Bay registered mare used in stock yard, cute, but bred supposedly $225
  • Buckskin grade mare ridden in, quiet $350 no saled wanted 400
  • Registered paint, grulla mare rode in bareback 8yrs old $1225 no saled wanted 2000
  • Bay tobiano 3yrs “ridden by kids all summer”---I think they all say that! Registered $225
  • Grulla 2yr filly lead in but ridden “in pasture bareback” $135
  • ½ Arab sorrel ridden in, very cute and prancy seemed young for being ridden in didn’t catch age $150…woulda taken this one too
  • 9yr old black pintoish tenn walker mare, trotted more than gaited…$275 no saled wanted 500
  • Rgistered Scotch Bar Time stud colt $135
  • Sorrel QH 2003, big Scotch Bar Time as well, gelding over 16hands “been shown English” but rode in western $410
  • Dark pretty bay selling grade 7yrs been riding stable horse $450 no saled wanted 900
  • Light red roan ridden in $250
  • 2yr percheron/morgan pretty damn cute didn’t look very drafty apparently had 30days riding and driving…yikes he wasn’t even close to being finished growing but was very sweet $250 woulda taken him in a heartbeat
  • Grey mare 6yrs grade QH very pretty cute lil heart brand on shoulder $450
  • Sweaty, scared 3yr old grade ridden in $210
  • Flaxen mini “bombproof” mini mare broke to ride and drive rode in with kid $100
  • Paint ponyish sized 2yrs lead in with not one but TWO kids in saddle, gelding I think $100
  • Flea bitten registered QH red badger on papers 10yr mare with may 1st baby (grullaish probably gray eventually) and bred back to stallion so 3 for 1 went for $300
  • Bay registered but papers were on hold bc of estate or seomthign, Zipp chocolate chip dam, 90 days training, seemed youngish $400

Then I gave up and went home, have to get up and go to work in the morning to support the 4 horses I already have!!

Finally, here's a report of an August sale in Alberta, Canada.






roan QH type grade gld 6 yrs kids horse ringbone, sore


KB ??


3yr palomino pony gld loose




2 yr bay QH type bay mare loose



Fjord-X greenbroke rode in, cute 3 yr gelding



1 1/2 yr bay stud colt, thin limping




5 month old perch/paint filly very pretty



7 yr old mare sorrel, quiet cute kids horse rode in

no sale


12 yr old mammoth jenny broke to ride well cared for walked through



pony 4 yr old b&w pinot possible bred



APHA yearling colt, small hernia, led through by kid



APHA 8 yr old gelding well broke, rode through



7 yr old BS paint mare w colt led through thin




colt of #17 sold as package with Mom


TWH x STB single footer rode through 6 yr old



TWH 5 yr old broke mountain horse



12 yr old QH regis. But no transfer signed so sold as grade




16 yr old gelding sorrel, thin and scraggly looking

525 KB


4 yr old bay roan gldg bucks



9yr old QH/perch mare halterbroke maybe in foal

250 KB


pinto yearling filly



Dun overo APHA yearlgin filly




red dun filly APHA BSyearling papered



red dun colt APHA BS yearling papered



3 yr old buckskin tobiano APHA papered bad scar on neck




sorrel tobiano gelding 2 yr old




pair of sorrel QH cros gldgs broke to drive sold w #33 as team




pair of sorrel QH cros gldgs broke to drive sold w #33 as team




reg AQHA Classy Lucky Kitty red dun 3 yr old




4 yr dunskin reg AQHA mare, pretty face




reg AQHA Pistol Paula 10 yr old red dun mare broodie not broke



19yr old TWH kids horse mare REG




2 yr old TWH sorrel filly just started rode through REG


4 yr old greenbroke TWH rode through REG




yearling TWH filly REG



terrified fat mare no info other than bay mare on card




mini stud halterbroke but loose sold choice w/ 44 & 45



mini stud halterbroke but loose sold choice w/ 44 & 45



mini stud halterbroke but loose sold choice w/ 44 & 45



16 yr old appy gldg babystiier horse ridden through by kid



11 yr red dun mare well broke ridden throughby kid

no sale @ 650


chesnut pony mare am shetland walking pony

no bid


5 yr mini gelding Peanut



10 yr mini mare cushings, foundered limping badly



mini gelding broke to ride ridden through



4 yr old palomino shetland ridden in by kid



chestnut QH type glding very sweet in pens




11 yr old QH mare trailsl & cattle rode through



8 yr old STB mare loose but sellers claimed greenbroke



Palomino gld rode through



28 yr old pinto pony cataracts





palomino gld rode through scars on neck and face

#58 did get bought by the KB, but he sold her to me for what he paid plus $20 after the sale. Her name is now Panda and she is a typical case of being dumped due to her age. She does have a couple of issues, but certainly nothing that would make me think she should be euthanized. She’s quite happily bossing the yearling & 3 yr old we bought around now. As soon as she has been quarantined and had a vet check done she will be available for an adoption to a companion home.

#22 & 23 were sold by a woman who regularly post ads promising good homes to horses. 22 went to slaughter for sure and I think 23 did as well

55 was a horse I knew. She belonged to a lady I know who had rescued her in fall 2006. This mare rated a 2 on the Henieke scale and was covered with chemical burns from a pour on de-wormer. She had been nursed back to health and had some ground work put on her when the lady had to re-home her due to some changes in her life. She gave the mare to a friend of a friend on the understanding that if there was any reason why they couldn’t keep her, she was to bring her back. Since the lady happened to be in the hospital in labor at the time of the sale, I picked the mare up as the only other bidder was the KB. She is now back at her former owner’s.

34, 35, 36 were posted on a few days before the auction stating that they would be at the sale. The he poster also said didn’t want any emails saying rude things about taking horses to auction and one of her reasons was that she has too many quarter horses and wants to get into Tennessee Walkers instead.

46 was the best horse of the night and a steal at $1000.

49-52 were led or rode in by a little girl about 10 yrs old. She and her parents were out in the sales pens leading any interested kids around on the ponies back to try them out. Training and selling them was obviously her little project, which made watching the little mare with cushings really hard to take…that’s not how you teach kids responsibility. The poor thing is all groomed up but so sore she can barely walk.

OK, FHOTD back in: First of all, Alberta poster, THANK YOU for saving the old pony and the horse your friend gave away to a good home. Holy crap. That mare is SO DAMN LUCKY you were there. She must have her own guardian angel!

Now, we've all seen this mess. And yet, here's what I STILL SEE being sold AS BREEDING STOCK every damn day on the Internet.

"We have a breeding stock APHA Reg. bay stallion. River is a 5 yr old solid bay. he should produce color if bred to color. he has been started under saddle but is very green broke. we have owned him since birth but we just don't have the time and knowledge to finish him right. he would make a great trail/western horse. is pedigree goes back to Doc Bar and Poco Bueno. his bloodlines are viewable on search docs river lane. we are asking $450 for him."

OK Amanda, my head is about to explode and blow off my neck here. You admit this thing is worth $450 (showing you are not one of the totally delusional folks who thinks everything in their barn is world class). WHY WHY WHY would you think a stallion worth $450 should be a stallion? For god's sake, buy a basic horse book. Pick up a copy of the Paint Horse Journal. Does this critter look ANYTHING like what an APHA stallion is supposed to look like? NO! No it doesn't! Holy shit, it's longer than a dachshund, has mutton withers, a terrible loin attachment, camped out so far I think its ass end is in the neighbor's yard, post legged, short necked and underweight. Most of the things that can be wrong here, are wrong. I looked at his pedigree that you're bragging about. Well, the top side has some decent stuff. The bottom side is the genetic equivalent of the guy who runs around bragging that his family goes back to George Washington. Yeah, and they haven't done a damned thing since. There's nothing notable there since the 1960s. Again, not breeding quality and what a surprise, the mare produced a colt that was not breeding quality.

Amanda's not done, sorry to say.

"We also have a beautful little Reg APHA filly. Penny is 2 years old and ready to get started with her training. we have had her since she was weaned and again just don't have the time. her pedigree can be viewed also search Pretty Penny Lane. my family is now involved with motorcycle racing and that and horses just don't mix. our lose your gain. we are asking $650 for her. if you have any questions please call or email (360) 247-5211 Amanda Come on out and meet them. i can not desrcibe thier personalities to you. You have to judge how great they are for yourself. we may also consider trades for 10 foot enclosed trailer, or make an offer. would sell both for $1000"

Yet another weedy, malnourished looking ugly stunningly low end Paint horse that is just screaming the kill buyer's name. How did I know? I guess the only consolation here is that Amanda & kin are getting into motorcycles instead. Those don't breed and if they lose interest in them, will actually resell for a decent price which is more than I can say for these two. Hey, Amanda, when you read this and get pissed off, how about y'all sell a motorcycle and get the bay thing gelded and send both of these out for 30 days of pro training so they at LEAST have a CHANCE? Right now I'd say my chances of winning big in Vegas are better than the chances of these two going anywhere that isn't a slaughterhouse by winter.

I'm so sick of the senseless killing. We're having a massacre of horses here and it's only going to get worse. Please, please, please stop breeding these things. Pick up a few magazines. Stand out there in the field and ask yourself honestly if your mare is correct for her breed. ANY of you can learn. ANY of you.

If you want to, that is...what scares me is how many of you just don't care.