Thursday, October 16, 2008

Indiana - pony horse looking for a home

I'm just listing this in the hopes someone can use him. This kind of horse is GREAT to have around - ponying is better for yearling legs than longeing, and ponying green horses with a rider is a safe way to break them to new experiences like trail riding. It's like having a driver's ed car with a second set of brakes! If this guy's sound, a lot of you could use him - if you haven't had a great pony horse around, you don't realize how useful they are.

Pony Horse free to the right home Posted by: "T DLF" goforrags Mon Oct 13, 2008 5:08 pm (PDT) 14 y. old retired Thoroughbred gelding, used to be a pony for polo ponies (no he did not play polo, he ponied the horses who did). 16 hands. Sound and looking for a new job as a pony.Quiet, rock-solid personality. Would make a perfect track pony.Also has been a trail horse. Could be used as a leisure horse.Located in Indiana. References required. To a good home only.If interested, please contact Tre at 502-417-9534 or email Feel free to crosspost or pass along as you see fit