Tuesday, September 30, 2008

If it has four legs, you'd better keep it in your own yard!

We've discussed before the liability issues that come with loose horses. If a car hits them and someone dies, guess what, you're liable as the livestock owner. But what about loose dogs? There's this perception that when you live in the country, you don't have to keep your dog on a leash and you don't have to fence them in. After all, that's why you live in the country, right? But like the old adage says, my right to swing my fist ends where your face begins, and this story is a perfect example. It's taken from a message board so I redacted the names because I didn't know if the victim wanted the publicity.

"I just wanted to tell all my 'horsey' friends that I has a VERY, VERY BAD AND SCAREY day today!!

I'm now a 'statistic' or rather my horse is..

We were attacked by a Pit Bull while riding around my neighborhood this evening. First, a Chihuahua ran from a house and attacked (name redacted) (my Hackney Horse) back legs, and while my poor horse was trying to figure out what this little monster's problem was, a VERY LARGE Pit Bull rushed and jumped my horse grabbing him by the neck. (dang it happens quick!!) I was then thrown from him and lay on the ground in fear of my life that I was now vulnerable to attack by this same Pit Bull. Life didn't even pass before me! I didn't even feel hitting the ground, as I was in survival mode to not get bit!!! Thank goodness I actually fell where I did, as there were broken concrete blocks in the ditch just feet from where I fell. YES I WAS WEARING A HELMET!

The owners were right there, and did grab the Pit Bull. In the meantime, my poor horse was running back down the street. He ran for 2 blocks before I was able to jog ( I really don't run!!)and catch him and assess the damage. I was so afraid he'd run into traffic on the main boulevards as it was RUSH HOUR! All I can say is THANK GOD he wasn't torn open, but just bitten and torn. I was expecting to see esophagus or spurting blood from torn veins or arteries!

So, I catch him, the owner and her kids are walking down the street to me. She's upset, but not as 'coldly' upset as I was. All I could think of was getting my horse home and to the vet! At least I got her name - her home/ hovel that she's renting doesn't even have an address listed and no fenced yard. So, I walked home the 3 blocks- thank GOD I wasn't out on a long ride. And of course I didn't have my cell phone!

So, then I call 911. They won't respond as it was an animal to animal attack not a human vs. pit bull, and since I wasn't in dire need of an ambulance (god I wish I could lie!), they wouldn't even take a report! Said they'd call Animal control- who did call and never came. I called at 8:30 pm and the dispatch said that they were too busy to respond they'll be here tomorrow AM. Oh Joy! I'm very upset!

I know that some of my 'group chats' won't be able to get the photos, but, here is my poor horse before the vet came. Who, BTW- was off today as were the other 3 vets in town, so she came to me on her day off!!!

So, I guess I won't be showing this next weekend or at the Pleasure Days show."

Now, how unfair is this? This poor girl was minding her own business. She ought to be able to ride down the side of the road without being mauled. I wonder if skank neighbor paid her vet bills? I doubt it. The horse had to have stitches.

Pen up your damn dogs if they chase livestock. Yeah, I know it's legal to shoot 'em but not all of us are packing at all times. They have leashes in the dollar store and if you can't train your dog, or are too lazy to, then tie them up and keep the rest of us safe from them.

And for fuck's sake, stop breeding pit bulls. Most people don't train them or treat them properly and that's why this happens. They are an asshat magnet. My friend the A.C. officer is sick of euthing your mistakes. STOP BREEDING THEM. The world is gonna be fine if we have less pit bulls -- you have a zillion other breeds to choose from. It's not like we're trying to make dogs extinct here. And I'm not saying kill the ones that are already here - if you own one and you're responsible and it isn't next door eating the neighbor's chickens, then fine. Enjoy your pit. I have friends with well trained, nice tempered ones. It can be done. Unfortunately it often isn't.

And stop saying retarded things like "dogs will be dogs" when they do this and calling me a breedist if I think perhaps the nine gazillion news stories about vicious pit bulls are a sign that we should stop making more of them. Sorry, but if we had a horse breed that was responsible for the lion's share of horse accidents, don't you think people would come down on it? I talk all the time about not breeding rank horses and breeding on bad dispositions, and I feel the exact same way about any other animal. If it's nasty, let its DNA die with it!

***end rant. This story just infuriated me. That poor girl! I can only imagine how TERRIFIED she and the poor horse were. ***