Thursday, October 23, 2008

The blue light specials are everywhere!

Much like the world of real estate right now, it's a buyer's market for horses if you have the cash in hand and can afford another. I did a little surfing tonight and was just amazed at the nice horses out there for bargain prices. I'm going to put up a few that look like fantastic deals for $1500...and some that are way overpriced at $1500, just to show you the range of what's out there.

I love this little mare. Look at those knees! Look at that expression! Don't look at the fact that her head's so high - she's being ridden with that "oh shit she's strong" un-release. I have an unfortunate picture of myself from a horseshow many years ago doing those funky chicken elbows with the un-release and that was exactly what was going through my head at the moment (actually it was oh shit, I hope you don't jump the next one and continue on over the arena fence), so I'm pretty sure I have correctly identified it here! This mare is adorable. She can jump twice that height, I'll guarantee you. She's a registered Paint and if you are not scared of a little speed, I'm betting you could take this mare and have a ball, APHA circuit or the AHSA stuff. She's young, she's ready to go, and this is a dirt cheap price, especially for Ramona, California. She just needs the right rider who likes to haul ass and jump big, and I bet you two would be a match made in Heaven. Oh, and she is started in dressage too, and did well at her first show!

Check this out - Sierra Te and Barpasser granddaughter. Not great pics but I can see how much I love the shoulder, hip and short back. And she rides. This is what I'm talking about when I tell you that you really CAN get a quality broodmare at a bargain price, so now is the time to break out and sell your mediocre broodmares as riding horses. If you are serious about breeding, breed quality. There's never been a better time to pick up much better broodmares than you could normally afford. You can get a Mercedes for the price of a Honda - be smart and do it!

Boy, here's another superstar for the price! Not only is this a finished endurance horse who has placed in numerous rides, but he's got some really nice bloodlines. He is extremely cute and looks like a great deal for someone who wants to get into endurance riding. At age 13, he has many years of endurance left in him. These endurance Arabs go on and on and on like the Energizer Bunny...I see them all the time still competing well into their 20s.

Now, here's what you don't want to spend your $1500 on...

This is a great horse for you to stare at if you suspect that wonderful condition and a shiny coat may fool your eye. I cannot fault these folks' horse care. This mare looks AWESOME. Unfortunately, she's had five foals. That's unfortunate because she is my classic example of a Frankenhorse...none of the parts fit together smoothly and they weren't any good to begin with. This is a horrible shoulder. It's nearly vertical. Combined with her downhill build, long back and halter-horse-esque tucked under hocks, I can pretty much guarantee you she rides rough and on the forehand and can't collect herself to save her life. In fact, in the inset picture, she appears to be looking around to see if her butt is still there, because it is so far away from her front end and looks like it belongs on a different horse! She may be a sweet older mare for some kid to plug down the trail on, but she should never, never, never have reproduced.

This ad makes me want to reach for the Advil.

1) I can get a broke Thoroughbred mare for free right in your neck of the woods! Why would I pay you $1500 for one that is unbroke, still underweight and appears to have one heck of a crappy upright shoulder? C'mon, do a little market research.

2) "She is also related to my best friend and her baby that died a year ago, so she has special place in my heart." WTF what? Is that baby dead? Is the picture old? Did she have two babies? Did your best friend die or was your best friend a horse? Was your best friend a human that was somehow related to a horse? I am stumped.

3) "I would like to reserve a breeding to either the mare Malekina or Scarlet (the Filly) to be able to keep an off spring of these lines since they are related to my original mare." I am still confused, but most of all, I want to know why you're even considering breeding this totally unaccomplished rescued horse, especially given that you are selling these because you cannot afford to keep them, per your OWN AD (mentioned twice!). Do you not realize that breeding makes more horses that you will ALSO not be able to afford, Sandie?

Ugh. Every time I see illogical stuff like this, it makes me more crazy. But, back to topic, there ARE some freakin' awesome horses out there for prices you'd never have bought them for a few years ago so I encourage you to go on out there and get yourself a deal if you, unlike Sandie, can afford it!