Tuesday, October 14, 2008

And a rescue steps up to the plate!

Wow. I'm impressed. The folks at NorCal Equine Rescue did it.

They are offering a day where you can get your horse euthanized for $25.00

Read the article. They are absolutely correct about the situation. Owners who cannot pay $250 - $500 for euthanasia are taking their horse to auction because that only costs $75.00.

They are asking for donations to help cover their cost ($100 per horse). I would highly recommend donating. This is a way to help horses and people in these difficult times. Not only do you spare the horse the horror of slaughter, but you spare the owner the guilt of knowing their financial situation caused it.

Side note: They get extra special brownie points from me for this statement on an adoptable horse's page "He needs to hang out for awhile, we do not like riding two year olds." Good for you! I do not like that either and it is always nice to see others point out that horses need to grow up first if you want them to stay sound. They have a nice variety of adoptables, some of whom have serious potential - check them out if you're local!