Sunday, October 19, 2008

I know you're a kid, but where are your parents???

I love the Internet. On a daily basis, someone unable to speak their mind on a sunshine-and-butterflies message board sends me something like this.

"Hey i know i havn't been on here for a while. But anyways my little friend Indiana came out today and was really eyeing Domingo down and finally asked me if she could ride him. I have been ridding him a bit but not much i few times out in the field at a walk, trot or lope. No buck at all i have took him into the arena and i tried jumping him and he loved it it was great. but anyways so i was like why not. So me and her walked out into the field and put a halter on him and she rode him home right beside me. when we got back to the house i bridled him and saddled him. she was trotting him around and he was great awesome stop and turn and we even set up a little jump to play with and both of them were haveing a blast. So me and Indiana's plan is for her to show him next spring so she will be 7 and he will be 3."

Let's review:

This is a 2 year old.

This kid put her 6 year old friend on him.

She is also jumping him! At TWO!

Here's the web site. I wonder if the e-mail actually goes to her parents, WHO NEED TO LEARN TO WATCH THEIR KID!

Oh, wait, I found another post. Apparently they are too busy getting divorced and Mom doesn't have any money. Which of course, is why they're breeding more horses! 'Cause that's smart when you don't have any money. You can sell them and make money, right? They have 16 horses already, according to another post. Great. Awesome. Nifty.

*bangs head against wall*

The collection includes "one arab mare whom i have been training for 2 years and she STILL won't give in."

"well she is my mothers boyfriends horse... and he doesn't want to breed her at all anymore because both times she just about died.. and she is really spastic almost to spastic to ride but im working on it ..but she will never leave the farm ."

Normally I am in favor of people making a lifetime commitment to their horses. This time? Good LORD, sell her to someone else. Please!

(So nice to know Mommy has a boyfriend. Maybe he will pay to feed the horses this winter!)

You know, I don't care what's going on in your life. You're the adult, and you're the parent. Not only do you need to watch your kid, but Indiana's parents need to watch THEIR kid. Somebody is going to get hurt or killed here and then you will all boo-hoo about the terrible "accident." Bullshit. It's not an accident when stupid stuff that goes on continually finally gets somebody hurt. Your kid is (a) ruining the horse and (b) gonna get herself or one of her little friends hurt. You need to start supervising your kid NOW. AND STOP BREEDING HORSES!

P.S. Parenthood is a CHOICE. If you didn't want the responsibility, you should have chosen not to be a parent. It is completely avoidable, as myself and many others can attest to.

P.P.S. Mom, maybe if you see this, try reading your 14 year old's posts about her romantic problems as well. $10 says you're going to be a grandmother soon or bailing her out of jail and/or both if you don't START WATCHING YOUR KID! (I know I'm wavering off the horsey topic here but this stuff just makes me crazy. We all, as a society, have to live with the result of bad parenting like this - whether it's paying for welfare, the prison system, being victimized, whatever. I swear I'm gonna start another blog about not breeding children you can't/don't/won't take care of if I have to read much more like this...)

And I don't want to hear one word that I am "picking on a child." No. I am picking on her parents. Her posts are merely a manifestation of their atrocious "breeding operation" and their even more atrocious parenting. Actually, I am glad she is posting because now we know what is going on. Perhaps that will shame her parents into straightening out their act, or it will allow someone who knows her IRL to step in and help!