Tuesday, August 14, 2007

A little index of fugly commentary

I often see comments asking me to do X topic, which I've done before the person found the blog and started reading. So here's a little index for reference!

Conformation critiques and horses who should not be bred: various breeds/general

Why this blog exists and some colored breed broodmares that shouldn't be

Hideous stallions being sold by illiterate people

Appallingly conformed young stock (both stock breeds)

Young stock that make the appalling ones look like show quality

Generally fugly (and sometimes not so well cared for) young stock

Fugly horses I have owned or own

What $10,000 will buy you

What $1,000 will buy you

Like mother like son: All kinds of fugly

Seeing past condition to see conformation

Breed or color specific critiques

Sabino Thoroughbreds

Palomino Quarter Horse Stallions compared

Chocolate palominos compared

Cremellos compared

Bad legs on Quarter Horses

Rescue breeding mediocre quality TB mare to even more mediocre QH stud

More fugly spotted horses; fugliest spotted broodmare found so far

Good and bad Arabian broodmares

Good and bad Appaloosa broodmares

Good conformation holds up in the long run (Thoroughbred mares)

Auction report, and Paint geldings compared

Fugly Gypsy Vanner

Really fugly Sorraia Mustangs

Friesian Crosses: The good, the bad and the fugly

Shetland stallions: Some fugly, some ridiculous advertising, and a nice one

Appaloosa breeding stock compared

Colored mixed breed mules

Spots do not make everything better

Dr. Seuss parody - colored horses

Best guess: Appaloosa/Goat cross

Famous Kiger Mustang breeder - giving them away for free on the Internet

Specific conformation faults

Pigeon toes

Long and fugly horses for sale

Back issues and another broodmare that shouldn't be

Back at the knee/calf kneed

General commentary on breeding

Reason v. emotion, or why some people can't love their horse and yet accept it's not breeding quality

Careless breeding keeps the killers in business, and why you can't just give away a horse

Reader critiques

Grade mare with a million babies; reader critiques

Old TB mares compared with reader critiques

Silly made-up registries and bad examples of obscure breeds

The American Warmblood Society

The Blue Eyed Horse Association

Obscure horse breeds with bad conformation (German Riding Pony and Campolina)

Commentary on training (and its role in the "unwanted horse" problem)

Parelli Natural Horsemanship

Are there even trainers out there for some of these horses?

Genetic defects and possibly genetic defects

Ridiculous looking HYPP positive AQHA halter horses

Morons who breed horses with HYPP


Advertising that makes you go WTF?

Ridiculous advertising: The vet certified he's a stallion prospect!

Ridiculous advertising: Lying all over the horse like a damn couch

Ridiculous advertising: Sale photos that make me want to rescue the horse

Ridiculous advertising: Jackass threatening to send horse to the tiger park

Ridiculous advertising: Jackass willing to give horse free to a killer buyer

Ridiculous advertising: Badly spelled ads for badly conformed horses

Fugly horses jumping badly

Breeders behaving badly

Pregnant 2 year old fillies

Sport horse breeders selling 2009 foals, some out of Impressive bred mare not tested for HYPP

Starting horses too early; foals jumping

Horrifying ads from irresponsible breeders

Color breeder from Hell

Horse care topics

Correct weight in horses

Misc stuff and humor

Reader comments

Comments on copyright for people who would like to sue me

Bad Parenting #1

Bad Parenting #2

Really funny mini show pictures

Even funnier hunter/jumper barn web site


An Auction Report