Friday, August 31, 2007

And a crazy mini owner responds!

And it is every bit as good as I knew it would be, complete with poor spelling and the usual lack of legal knowledge that always characterizes these e-mails.

First e-mail:

Hey there, I'm here to request that you take ALL the stuff about the miniatures off your website. If you have not done so in 3 days I will be taking legal actions for slander and for stealing. Not only will it be me you will be dealing with Little Beginnings also. I will also be contacting the blog company your using.

I will be waiting....

Second e-mail:

I'v decided that If you just take the first part off and picture about my pinto, Scotch, Off I will not press charges... Of course you have 3 days to do that. If you have been around bare foot horses ? you would have known that their feet are a little long. and he is NOT a breeding stallion. he is gelded, He is not reg, Nor is he wild. Nor have I ever said he had the most perfect confomation. I rescued him from a lady that bought them from a auction. I have never BRED or had a breeding take place on my property, but I did buy a mare that was bred this year.

All I wish is to have this Unture statement taken Off... Save both of us the trouble...

My response:

What exactly would you be "pressing charges" for? Any dispute you have with me would be a civil matter, necessitating a civil suit. If you wish to sue me in civil court, you may of course do so.

When did I ever say hers was a breeding stallion? Or wild? I just said his feet were overgrown and he had a humpback. Read for comprehension, people. It's not that hard.

So shall we discuss the justification du jour, that barefoot horses are always a little long? Really? In my experience, the bat shit crazy branch of the barefoot Nazis trims them so short they are lame for days if not weeks afterward. To clarify: I'm a fan of leaving horses barefoot if at all possible, it's just the extremist "it's ok if they're sore, they'll toughen up" garbage I take issue with.


Oops, I did not realize there was yet a THIRD e-mail from her that I've come across as I read through my inbox. In the interests of being completely fair and presenting both sides, here is e-mail #3.

Second oops, they aren't the same person. They just have the same (uncommon) first name. But hey, I'll leave it up, it's equally entertaining and misspelled.

Third e-mail (may have been first, timewise)

I have been watching your website for a few weeks, i am a miniature horse trainer-handler-exhibiter and yes ..breeder. My horses have achieved National-World and ASPC Congress titles and i have all and more knowlege of conformation/ballance/structure and training. I just have to say, i am appalled by the lack of knowlege you have about the miniature horse breed and you have honestly just put your foot in your mouth. What gives you the right to take someones pictures (without their noticed btw) and post them on your 'website'??? You know what, i have found the minis are more conformationally correct then the big horses. You big horse people are sad, okay if it will carry me from point a to point b, who cares what it looks like. HAH. Well, us mini people who do halter horses actually choose our horses upon conformation. You guys, if you can ride it and stay on it for 3 seconds, its a catch. Who cares what it looks like as long as it rides, and if it doesnt ride ..throw it aside and pass it along to another auction house. I can 100% garentee you my miniature horses are more conformationally correct then anything in your barn. My minis have WON and went GRAND in classes with big horses ..what about that? Breeding minis is not about breeding tiny, the heights go up to 38'' ..most people shoot for the b size which is 34''-38''. I'm willing to bet you are also one of those uneducated shetland people as well. What do you think a shetland is, prob you picture a short fat pony ...HAH. Nope, basically a small saddlebred or arab ranging up to 46'', most about 40''-44'' and extremely fine boned and hackney type movement.

Your website is a perfect example of an uneducated horse 'lover'. I take pride in my breed and have competed (and won!) at the highest levels and i am only 19 years old. Its people like you that have more issues then the rolling stones. How dare you make a website like that? Did a mini beat your big horse in a halter class? Is that it? :)

You have quite the bad reputation on (visit to see how everyone really feels about you. We have been keeping tract of your worthless ramblings and if you wantt o see some REAL horses, visit there. I also suggest you make a username and explaine on there what your issues are. A member on there EVEN FOUND HER horses pics of your website. Let me just say RIGHT NOW, if i ever find a picture of one of my horses on your website you will be turned in as i have copy right on all my pictures considering most are by professional photographers.