Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Just because it's stunted, doesn't mean it's a stud pony prospect!

Ad text:

Cozmo is a stud pony.
(No, Cozmo is a fugly stunted stock type 2 year old who needs to be gelded)

He's very figity.
(It's amazing how they don't magically get gentle when you ignore them. Turning them out with goats doesn't make them tame, you know.)

Will take alot of time to gentle him down.
(He's had plenty of time. It will take a lot of WORK, which you are clearly not willing to sign on for, hence the reason you're ditching him for $200 on the Internet.)

Gelding might help.
(Ya think???)

Or would make a great stud for a pony farm.

OK, Mr. Brain Donor? Your little Quarter Horse or solid Paint or Appy or whatever he is is only small because he got poor nutrition and is full of worms by the look of him. He was not destined to top out at whatever pony sized height he is (which you are afraid to post). Not only is he 3,000 miles from being "stallion quality," but there is absolutely no reason to suspect he will sire ponies, when he was genetically destined to be a normal sized horse and you just screwed it up. The only way any foals of his are going to be ponies is if they, too, get turned out with the goats and ignored.

C'mon folks, I'm not exactly talking Mendelian genetics here...I'm starting to think everybody who didn't finish high school is out there breeding horses!