Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Fugly Person of the Day, Part II

Why are they always illiterate, too? I bet we could cut down abuse and neglect exponentially if we required a spelling test to own an animal.

I wouldn't be upset if they "uethenise" him, it's probably for the best, he sounds pretty crippled up...but to just hand him out to anyone? A dealer is going to see this, see $$ signs and that poor horse is going to wind up in a Mexican slaughterhouse.


Reply to: Date: 2007-07-31, 6:26PM PDT Free OLD HORSE ( for pet or Meat ) Only good for campanionship and lawnmowing to keep the grass down. HEALTHY but OLD and not safe to ride unless you go for slow walks. must find new home this week or will be put down. he is Free to a family or for meat. Call John or Roberta for more detailed info. it is widely known that Horses, cows, chickens,and pigs are used for meat purpose so why the flagging...?????? flagging this ad will SURLEY cause this horse to be PUT TO SLEEP FOR SURE, if he dont find a home. your doing MORE HARM TO HIM BY FLAGGING THIS AD AND DENYING HIM THE CHANCE OF A HOME !! I am posting this ONE MORE TIME, IF FLAGGED AGAIN, then I will just call the vet tommorow to make the apointment for uethenasia or simply send him to the meat auction.