Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Sent to me by a reader and I'm happy to publicize it...

Holy shit!

(don't look if you hate seeing rescue "before" pictures)


Please write!

I get angry enough about what takes place in THIS country but we should never forget that horses suffer all over the world. We went to Nassau in the Bahamas when I was a little kid and the cart horses there were starving. I was so upset. I went around with a bag and got everybody to give me all of the baby carrots from dinner (we were on a cruise) and took them back the next day. I was too young to start rescuing but at least they had a couple of minutes of carrots in their sad little lives. :-(

EVERYBODY who likes to travel needs to scream their heads off in protest when they see things like this! Don't forget to point out that you will take your tourism dollars elsewhere. If you spent a substantial amount on travel last year, include that figure. Money talks, even when people do not otherwise care.