Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Truer words were never spoken...

Joe at TB Friends rescue in northern California does a daily blog you may be familiar with. I have to repost this quote from today's blog here - it's incredibly appropriate.

"The 2007 quote of the year comes from a horse killer in Vallejo. On the phone yesterday, and he says to me: I stay in America because people breed their mares on purpose. "

Touche. And shame on those of you who fill this man's truck with your endless sea of crap that you bred, didn't bother to train, and dumped at an auction.

Slaughter and transport for slaughter is illegal in California. There is no enforcement. I'm sure the killers think the very idea is funny. If California can't keep a zillion illegal immigrants out, it certainly cannot keep its horses in.

Cutting back on production and driving equine values up past the point where the killers can afford to buy them is a much more effective means of stopping slaughter than legislation that will be impossible to enforce. Don't get me wrong, I support and will fight for the legislation. But if you want to FIX the problem? Make horses too valuable to slaughter. Bring supply UNDER demand. Drive up the prices. It's the only real solution.

Edited to add a bit more of the TB Friends blog. READ THIS if you think you can give a horse away, or sell him cheap, to a "good home" without reference and site checks.

"I deal with horse killers all day long. A new one on the scene, and he is just 17 years old. His girlfriend is 16, and she is usually with him. I first met this kid at a feed lot in Elk Grove, and he said his name was Biff. Honest. Put out his hand, and said my name is Biff. A few weeks ago I saw him again at a livestock auction, and he said his name is Leo. I asked what happened to Biff, and he said Biff never did catch on. Biff or Leo or whatever is a hustler. He works the internet and newspaper ads. Shows up with his girlfriend and tells you they have just been married, and your horse will have a forever loving home. But within a few days that same horse is on his way to slaughter in British Columbia."