Saturday, August 18, 2007

I've been identified!

This e-mail string was forwarded me today. Wow! Finally, everybody knows who I am! Including me! Damn, I wish I would have known I was a vet before spending all of this money calling out other ones. That has really strapped the old pocketbook. Amazing how I forgot about all those years of vet school. I must have been doing some really good drugs!

(I reversed it so the earliest e-mail is at the top for reading ease)

>>>>>Date: Wed, 1 Aug 2007 16:11:52 -0500>>>>>>Her name is Karen Hill, she is a vet in Huntsville, Alabama.>>>

>>>>And she's the person who does the Fugly horse Blog? For real?>>[name redacted]

>Yes [name redacted] she is, for real! I hope she doesn't put any of mine on >there! She said that I have really good horses, that mine were really >pretty. So, hopefully she won't pick on mine,>[name redacted]

(For anybody on whom sarcasm is lost, no, I am not the person claiming to be me, but I do think it's really funny and I will be happy to forward her my hate mail from now on)

You probably won't hear from me 'til Monday as I'm about to embark on a fun-filled weekend of hauling various rescue horses from Hell to Creation and picking one up in Bumfuck, Egypt. You've all had that weekend, I'm sure.

To keep my critics amused, at left is one of the 3 horses on earth that I'm personally responsible for breeding. I know it's not a great picture to critique from but I don't have many as I sold her dam pregnant with her and she was exported in utero. Pictured at age 15.

By the way, I took a second look at her pedigree and I do believe she'd qualify for NFQHA - there's very little TB in there except for multiple crosses to Three Bars - so for those of you who wanted to see a picture of one that I actually like, here you go!