Friday, August 24, 2007

A video of a mare having a HYPP attack

I have discussed the HYPP problem in Quarter Horses and horses with QH blood here in the past. However, today I found a video that I need to pass along as case anybody is reading this and thinking, oh, I will try to breed my N/H horse, the baby has a 50% chance of being normal, I bet I'll be lucky!

I warn you, the video is upsetting. The horse does not die and is standing up after being treated at the end, but it is still very hard to watch.

Watch Video

Again, for anybody who did not get the memo, not all Impressive horses have this problem. It is only carried by horses who test N/H or H/H. There are many excellent horses with Impressive in their pedigree - but it's important to choose ONLY the ones with a clean N/N test result for breeding (and for riding, as far as I'm concerned - I sure wouldn't want to take a header off one having an attack!)