Wednesday, August 22, 2007

And just because we needed some humor BADLY today...

I will now post the e-mail I received from the lady who "makes warm-bloods." She has dared me to post it unedited and I am happy to do so, so that you may all marvel at her wonderously thorough slaughtering of the English language. Here you go! Please, DO feel free to respond to Ms. Bergeson in the comments...I am sure she will be reading.

P.S. Who are the blood thirsty criminals? I think I missed that part. Could you please raise your hand and identify yourself if you are a blood thirsty criminal? And who threatened her life? What in heaven's name is this wacko talking about?

This is in response to the viscious blog. Its one thing to take my pics from my web-site and then take everything out of context, making your following of blood thirsty criminals, threating me with violence and death...ha..ha.. very funny bitch. The first pic you posted on the fuglyhorse of R HOTSHOT MISS MAY, a red preferred AWS filly is now two years old, dumb ass. Anyone can see that was not the week old orphan foal whose dam died after tearing her femoral artery, and I doubt very much that you even know what that means so why don't you do this, talk to your vet. You will soon find out that a tear like that is a death sentence and not because the foal is to big, RETARD, nor does it have to do with age. The bay colt pictured on my web-sit to the left is my mare HOTSHOTS APRIL LUV, AQHA 2437506 last foal. Gears was arround 75 lbs and the filly before him was 100 lbs. Too bad you had to make me out to be some kind of a horse serial killer, how unfair of you, but I have to stop and think of the source. Some fat old bag sitting behind a computer with nothing better to do in her misserable life than to take out all her anger and frustration on people that aren't doing a thing to hurt anyone. Why do you take things so personal? Do you think you can change the horse world? How marose are you. It's really none of your business what I do, but it becomes the Mariposa County Sheriff's business when you threaten someones life. The other pic that you pinched off my site was a Breeders Trust Palomino Filly, a yearling, A Touch of Blue Moon APHA #891881. Yes, please let me know about the feed lot you can buy a horse like her for $150 and I will be there! What a brood of idiots, not to understand what a breeding stock paint is? NO WHITE MARKINGS! You must be the piedpiper of fools. One thing I did learn from your bloggers is that what you call them is that a few of your faithfulls e-mailed me, one even interested in that filly, they all said the same thing in their e-mails..."you need to go to this site and see what they are saying about you, its criminal". If this is what you wanted them to do, bravo! You are so very clever...LOL . I am glad that I understand now what a blog is, a blob of shit talking people that sit on their asses. Next time they might want to do a little homework before they begin their spewing of venom and vomiting out whatever malady they can find. I figured out that you have no idea what a warm-blood is. So I will clue you in, the AWS is USEF,ADS,WBFSH,USEA,USDF, and USETF affiliated. So put that in your blog and smoke it smart ass. AWS doesn't just give a set of papers to you, twit. I know, why don't you take your nag to the AWS evaluation and see for yourself, you might learn something about your horse, if you have one, and you might be enlightened that you don't actually and factually know everything there is to know about horses. But from what I can see you are almost intelligent enough to do more harm than good. Good, being the operative word here. Somehow I have learned something through this experience with you and your lemmings. First, I called the Sheriff, then I changed my web-site so there wouldn't be any confusion as to who was who, and then I realized I should thank you for your blog although some of them are very fucking dumb, especially about the dog..since when did horse people loose their sence of humor. Second, if people couldn't look up horses on APHA, AQHA, ARAB and AWS #'s on their own, there is a good chance they don't know a pastern from a canon bone anyway, or for that matter where Mariposa is. There is absolutely no smog, no humidity, because we are at 3,000 foot elevation and only have 17,000 residents in a place the size of Rhode Island. Yet another example of some moron thinking they know about Mariposa. I will give her the hick, redneck part though...
If you are so annoyed by horse inperfections why don't you go to Genentech and splice your head and ass onto a horse, then it will be the perfect horse.
I dare you to post this, unedited.


OK, I double-dog-dare you to stop breeding your crappy horses. Let's see if it works as well on you as it did on me!