Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Dear Judges: If you want the world to stop making fun of your breed...

STOP placing fillies in halter with legs like this! 3rd place in a big futurity...WTF?

Good God! Look at those pasterns! They're completely upright! Awful! She's the poster filly for navicular disease!

This filly has a gorgeous neck, shoulder and hip...but the legs are just shitacious. This should not be placing at halter. I will be shocked if she's still sound at age 5.

She's N/N, I'll give her that, but she's selling as a broodmare prospect and I find that thought horrifying.

I know, this is what those of you who say shows are no indication of quality are thinking about when you say that. But I swear to you, this really isn't typical of show quality horses in general or even halter horses in general. I know many, many halter point earning AQHA horses who have good legs and are sound and ride.

The standard has GOT to change. Nothing with those legs should EVER place in halter. EVER. I cannot say that strongly enough. That filly is the equine equivalent of a car with 4 flat tires and a broken axle.

I had to edit this post because I thought she was AQHA. She's not. She's a breeding stock APHA. Same thing. Same goofy judging.