Monday, August 6, 2007

An auction report sent to me by a reader

Just thought I'd share. Another post coming later, but if you're wondering what you might find at your local auction, and what isn't selling, check out this report from one of the readers of this blog of a sale that took place on Saturday. I have copied and pasted - the comments are hers.

Just remember, somebody made the brilliant decision to create everything you see on that list. And then someone else (or possibly the same person) dumped it for the prices that you see.

NS = No Sale. Buyer took the horse back home.

#1 18 yrs + FUGLY Tobiano GRADE mare, with an advanced case of DSLD. Exposed to an arab stallion. 80.00
#2 5 yr old reg Morgan mare green broke. Average looking sorrel. 475 no sale.
#3 Sorrel pony. 8 yrs old, Sound and in good shape 175
#4 4 yr old Tobiano Pinto mare reg. FUGLY running bred BUCKED like a son of a gun and very scruffy and unkempt 250. Needed hoof care BAD
#5 NICE 6 yr old Gaited Morgan mare sorrel with flaxen and socks and a blaze reg. NS at 725
#6 Reg Pinto mare, sor tob, ½ arab with all four pasterns dropped. Hinds looked like they were going to be subluxated in a year or two. BROKE and quiet. 550
#7Blk BS pinto mare. FUGLY foundation looking, running bred. Needed hoof care BAD, 175/ns
#8 16.1 h TB gelding, sorrel decent and pretty quiet. 7 yrs and fairly sound 300.
#9 Cute bay overo gelding rode pretty good. Not fancy but decent. 5 yrs no papers. 400 would have been a good prospect.
# 10 BIG NICE saddlebred gelding 5 yrs BROKE, and very typey and very friendly. 700/ns
#11 18 yr reg appy gelding cool color and a horrid rat tail that he held at a right angle to his body at all times while riding and sway back. BROKE 260
#12 BIG plain looking Palomino Morgan gelding former stallion. HUGE neck green broke and DARK gold palomino. 1,000/ns they wanted 1200
#13 really cute 1/2 morgan ½ qtr mare well broke been camping and to the beach. Liver with Flaxen mane and tail. 675
#14 Yearling colt out of above mare and palomino gelding. Liver with no white and a NASTY SOB. He was nipping the handler while being led in the ring. Cute enough but nutty and nasty together. Wheee! ¾ Morgan with no papers. 60.00
#15 3 yr ½ mor ½ qtr mare, full sister to above not broke. Plain colored red. No papers. 175
#16 FUGLY Tobiano gamer paint mare. Did not look sound in the hind end and hot hot hot 475
#17 FUGLY grade tobiano gamer. A little sweeter than above mare 300
#18 AQHA and FQHA reg mare. Lame, 10x FUGLY with a huge bumpy head, Long ears SHORT croup, dumpy overall and sorrel. With a “lovely” sorrel colt who had a huge hernia. I will say the colt had a super nice shoulder but was already getting long in the back, 175 for the pair!
#19 This is the one I would have brought home…. POA gelding sorrel with a cute blanket. Gamer and real nice to look at. High seller at 775
#20 I wanted to drag this poor fellow home…. 14 yr old, I think app solid but reported to be TB and QH, liver color with skin fungus all over. Never broke to ride 160.00
#21FAT FAT FAT sor toby mare. BIG butt SHORT neck rode well and no sale at 1500. they wanted 1800
#22 Appy mare. Fairly nicely put together. Appeared moon blind. A bit down in the back, big knee, and a great baby sitter. Nice color too. 350.