Monday, August 27, 2007

I will stop making fun of you "sport horse" breeders when you stop doing things like this

Yes, my in-box just keeps filling up with examples of irresponsible "sport horse" breeding. 9 times out of 10 it is "colored sport horse" breeding. Here we go yet again!

Note the lovely fence on the left. Here, I've got a "sport" for you, Miss Sport Horse breeder. It's called getting off your dead ass and fixing your fence.

Original ad in bold, my comments in blue.

Super nice mare, 100% dilute color with dun in her backround as well. Rides easy, neckreins, very quiet, trail and road safe either riding alone or with a group, nice family type horse. Proven producer, good mother, easy breeder and keeper. Impressive breeding, HYPP N/H asymptomatic. You know, there really isn't any such thing as asymptomatic. All that means is "hasn't had an attack yet." Breed her, ride her or both...kid safe with supervision, hubby safe for trail riding, very smooth jog, and a naturally slow-going horse. Wear boots for trails on her front feet, new pair of Old Macs go with her when she sells. ( her soles bruise easily on rocky trails...dosen't need boots for riding on grass or in arena) OK, those are worth about $200, at least you'll have something left when the mare keels over! Will NOT sell to a "gamer" home!!! But you'll sell her to one that breeds on a deadly disease. Your concern for horsekind is touching. OTOH, I guess I should be glad she won't end up flopping around on a barrel trying to breathe with some kid pinned underneath her. Please e-mail for additional pictures...I have lots, including pics of her 2006 Buckskin Warmblood colt. **NOTE**I am going to breed her in June 2007 to my Bay Sabino Clydesdale if she remains unsold, for a 2008 Buckskin Sporthorse. My usual question, exactly what sport does a half Clydesdale half Quarter Horse with HYPP excel in? We had a half Clydesdale half Quarter Horse lesson horse at the barn where I grew up. He excelled in rooting, tripping and rubbernecking, but I don't think any of that has been turned into a competitive discipline yet (though with the prevalence of draft crosses, it really ought to be.) Maybe if this one pops out HYPP positive, which it has a 50% chance of, you can add "falling over and thrashing." Boy it'll be fun dealing with a big old draft cross having a HYPP attack! That will be even MORE fun than dealing with it in a normal sized Quarter Horse. She will sell in foal for the same price, and the foal will be a rare color and worth what I am asking for her alone. Foal will be registerable with SHOC, AWS and PHR to name a few...her 2006 foal is also for sale. Not one, not two, but THREE made-up bullshit registries!

Upon further examination and finding her web site, damn near everything is for sale. Like our friends the other day, she blames the drought on her skinny horses. Who knew that horses needed to be rained on to be proper weight? I think she should take this significant veterinary discovery to the AVMA for their next convention. All sarcasm aside, just another BYB who is too fucking cheap to buy proper hay. Don't tell me you CAN'T get it...people in places like L.A. and Phoenix are currently buying good hay for their horses. You live in the Midwest where it's GROWN. It just costs MONEY you don't want to spend. Check out the emaciated Thoroughbred mare behind this fat warmblood colt and that LOVELY fence line.

She also blames them being skinny on nursing. Yes, I've seen mares get a bit ribby but look at that mare's topline. She is seriously underweight. That's a sign you needed to up the nutrition so she could DEAL with nursing. This is not brain surgery. She needed more calories, you needed to give them to her, you failed miserably.

I think the TB is for sale. She has 3 on equinehits she is apparently afraid to put pictures up for. Guessing this is one. Remind me again that the inn is full...