Thursday, August 16, 2007

I make warm-bloods

NFQHA is coming...but I found this and simply had to share!

For those of you who were defending the American Warmblood Society when I was pointing out that it encourages clueless morons to breed mixed breed crap, I have a wonderful web site sent in by an alert reader. The first line reads "I make warm-bloods." What, like making iced tea? Well, clearly with as much or possibly less planning and forethought.
As another alert reader comments, "I make Warmbloods too !!! I "make them" trot and canter, I "make them" leave their stalls and go out in the field, and sometimes I "make" mine go over jumps." Good for you, alert reader - that is probably far more than Miss Buckskin Palomino Polka Dotted Sporthorses Dot Com will ever do with ones she "makes." The fact that there is not a single riding picture on her web site is a pretty good clue.

Miss BPPDSDC goes on to brag "All of my horses have pedigrees and most a double registered!" Sweetheart, Ted Bundy and Ed Gein have pedigrees. Just go to and I'm sure you can look them up. All that means is that the ancestors are not unknowns. While I am not sure what "most a double registered" means, I am willing to bet we are talking about Blue Eyed American Warmbloods here!

She then goes on to brag of her Suffolk Punch stallion "He comes in one color Chesnut, not chestnut." While I have learned that the Suffolk Punch folks HAVE officially adopted a misspelling of a common horse color in order to look more Special, I am not sure about the thought that a horse comes in one color. As opposed to, what? Sending him back to God or Epona or his dam and stating you would like to exchange for the same horse in a nice mahogany bay?

Next... "I register all [stallion's] foals with the American Warmblood Society so they are all Sporthorses." BING BING BING...what do I TELL you people about what these registries encourage? This woman thinks that the AWS giving her a set of papers makes her horses sport horses. Never mind any relationship to actually PERFORMING a damn SPORT. The logic train just doesn't go that far down the tracks with these folks, and the AWS encourages it by registering their crap.

"I created this website to sell the offspring. Some are buckskins and some are Palominos, some are boys and some are girls." No shit! You mean, you don't have any hermaphrodites for sale? Well damn I guess I will have to go elsewhere. I am so disappointed. I really wanted a chesnut half Suffolk Punch hermaphrodite. I am sure some other "warm-blood" breeder will have one though! Maybe I can buy it not even conceived yet, because their animal communicator says it will be born that way, in 2010, on a sunny day, in western Pennsylvania.

"This is an orphan foal at one week old he is [stallion's] baby and a buckskin Quarter mare that passed 24hrs after giving birth. She gave her life so that this baby could survive even when she lay in pain she moved her leg back so he could nurse.. "

OMG you incredible retard. You bred a poor little QH mare to your GIGANTOR Suffolk Punch stud and then you WONDER why she DIED FOALING? Did you even put her down or did you let her suffer so the foal could nurse? And just to create the thing at left which looks like a BLM mustang or a reject from someone's bucking string.

Logical thought for the day: MOST people when "making" draft crosses have draft MARES. Since the baby has to come out of the MARE, it makes sense that the MARE is the larger of the two parents and able to safely birth the large BABY. Same with pony-horse crosses. Is this complicated or something?

(Edited to note: Apparently newer studies show that the mare is supposed to self-regulate foal size no matter what you breed her to. However, many breeders seem to have stories of foals too large for the mare resulting in complications, and I know I've been told by vets that it's a bad idea. It is entirely possible both sides are right in that the real problem is the conformation of the mare in question more so than her height. Plenty of discussion on the research, opinions, etc. in the comments section and I'm sure more will come.)

This is a breeding stock Paint filly that she has for sale for $7500. I can buy one just like this any day of the week at the killer auction for $150. Hey, it is not such a bad little filly (though it could use some groceries) but there's absolutely nothing here that makes it worth $7500. Has either parent ever accomplished anything? You can't tell by her web site, and I couldn't find two words about them on the net. I'm guessing their main accomplishments are being palomino and buckskin.

I know this lady lives in California, land of the rich, foolish and easily parted with their money, but this is bad even for California. Stop breeding the Stud That Ate New York to normal sized mares, you moron! Do you even HAVE a vet?

Finally, from one of her sale ads... "He is a yearling and has already cleared a 6ft fence at 8 mos."

I do not even want to know that story.